Can you identify this jacket from 'Sneaky Pete'?
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Love this jacket Giovanni Ribisi is wearing (in "Sneaky Pete"). I can't tell what the material is - it looks textured like hide but that doesn't seem right, nor suede. And I'm pretty sure that's not a Levi's tag on it. Can you ID the material, or even the maker?
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I'd say it was a buckskin jacket. Very Western wear. Places like Sheplers carry similar jackets.
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Maybe oilskin? This looks similar.
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Thanks, I actually scoured Sheplers' whole online jacket inventory before posting this. No go! The back is fairly plain by the way, no tassels or anything.

I'm pretty sure it isn't oilskin - if you look closely at the second picture, it looks a lot more like cowhide or buckskin than an infused canvas or whatever. But I can't find a thing quite like it! It's killing me.
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Is this it from Ebay?
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Nope, I saw that one too in my searches! :)

That one is suede and has non-snap buttons. I mean, I'm not looking for this EXACT jacket, but I feel like it ought to be out there somewhere unless it's some super limited thing. I might have to call up the studio at this rate!
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Try asking on the malefashionadvice subreddit.

It looks a bit like a Filson/Levi's collaborative trucker jacket from a few years ago, but some of the details tell me it's not that (snaps, stitching, etc). Filson's heavyweight oilcloth looks like that though.
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Ok, one more try - this one has snaps.
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It's a western shirt with a leather collar (not a jacket). If you Google that you get tons of matches. But! If it's a movie costume it's likely synthetic I'd think.
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I feel pretty sure it's a jacket - look at the snaps on the back and stitching. It's too heavy to be a shirt I'd say.

I actually have the Filson/Levi's jacket, wore it today! It's similar in some ways but I'm really familiar with the material (heavy-ish waxed canvas) and the jacket in the pics is definitely different, split leather or something.

I'll check r/malefashionadvice...
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It looks like it's made out of the same rough leather I generally see in welding jackets. Maybe a workwear manufacturer?
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Ralph Lauren Davis? It looks like they made/make this jacket with variations--maybe different years?, so the back snaps might've been on one of them. Or maybe it's a knockoff?
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That's a 1950s style Levis trucker jacket with snap placket.
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It's close! It's very close to that Levis trucker jacket. The top buttons are quite different, though - they're deliberately very close to the edge.

I literally emailed one of the costume people for the show, I wonder if she'll get back to me.
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Ok, it looks like a jacket from the baxk. Shirt from the front though. I'm going to say knock off brand as that's a weird combo. Have you tried Amazon?
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It looks very similar to this except yours has a white tab by the left breast pocket.

That tab screams Levis to me!
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It looks to me like a welding jacket - here's one with a leather collar, although I can't find one with a breast pocket like that at a glance.( I have a less-fancy one and I love it.)
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I saw the tag on the pocket and immediately thought Levi's.
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From the horse's mouth:

Yes I was the costume designer for the pilot.
The jacket you're asking about is a vintage Levi's suede rough-out
Late 70's.
You can still sometimes find them in thrift stores.
Good luck

Thanks for all your help! I found some other jackets I'm interested in now :)
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I bought that exact vintage Levis snap jacket in navy blue suede as a gift years ago. Found at Goodwill for $15. Keep an eye out!
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