Climate Justice In the Age of Trump
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How can I help defend scientists and promote climate justice under Drumpf?

I've read a great deal on social media about how Drumpf is successfully muzzling scientists, park services, and climate change data, which disgusts and appalls me. However, I'd like to do something constructive to fight back, and I want to think something, however small, can be done.

What are some things I can do and places I can help support to retaliate against the muzzling, assist scientists, and ensure the flow of climate change data in the face of this censorship?
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I've found a local group that's working with the principles outlined in the guide that you can download here. The basic premise in it is that for the next four years at least, progressives need to relinquish any hope of getting things done, and instead hope to prevent or slow things from being done. They're attempting to co-opt the tactics of the Tea Party to gum up the Trumpworks.

I don't know, honestly, how effective this will be. I've never attempted activism before.
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Lots of environmental justice work is on a smaller level than global climate change. Wherever you live, I'm sure there's a local issue and group that needs help and organizing work done.

Here, for example, is a (deeply incomplete) list of Superfund Community Advisory Groups (I know my local one isn't there, for example) that are sort of the interface for disseminating information, planning action in the community, and keeping EPA accountable to those affected. If you have a local group, then its membership is likely going to be able to point you towards other environmental justice organizing work in your community.
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I just read about the Data Refuge project. Maybe there's an event local to you, or you can do one of the things on the Work On Your Own page.
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These scientists at 314 action have formed a non-profit and are raising money to run scientists for office. I believe the name is taken from pi. : )
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Get involved with your local Sierra Club or other environmental organizations at the state or local level. I got involved with the Sierra Club about a year ago, and it's great. It allows involvement for a range of levels and interest areas.
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You want the Climate Science Defense Fund. They hire lawyers to defend climate scientists in court. They are the real deal.
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On the current election thread there's a link to a bunch of datasets that need to be mirrored.
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I work on this front and co-organized a recent data rescue effort. More events are being held and planned all over the country. We can use help from people with all kinds of skills. Here are some quick notes:

• EDGI is becoming the network coordination group. Their website provides resources and information.
• Many data rescue efforts are being planned right now – maybe there are some near you? See the Philly DataRefuge page about upcoming events for more info.

Things are moving very fast right now. Not everything is making it to the online web pages and the online resources are a bit messy. If the info about is not enough to get started, I recommend getting in touch with people involved, and help them help you figure out the best match for interests, location, skills, time and etc. You're welcome to memail me if you want.
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Thanks for all the suggestions - I think saving data and contributing to data preservation efforts with EDGI is a great place to start.

I've started also following rogue government agency accounts to provide encouragement and support for their efforts as well as gathering data.
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