How Can I Offset My Contribution To Specific Federal Expenditures?
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How can a person accurately calculate the amount of money they personally contributed via taxes to some specific US Federal expenditure ?

You know how sometimes people express their objection to a government policy or program by saying "I don't want my tax money going to x!", where "x" is the thing they object to? Suppose I'm one of those people, but that I'm also someone who understands the civic, ethical, and legal reasons to pay my full legal taxes every year, regardless of how unhappy I am about it. How and where can I:

(1) Figure out each year what the government has spent on, say, building walls
(2) Determine what line item in the federal budget that money came from
(3) What tax revenues were for that year
(4) Determine based on those data points, or additional data, how much of my own tax payments went to fund the project in question, and lastly
(5) and what organization, based on my share of the cost, might I send an equivalent amount of money to that would offset the effect of say, a wall at the American-Mexican border?
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I saw something like this on the White House website in the past, but that site has been undergoing, um, revisions in the last week. Googling further, it looks like might do what you're looking for.
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In general, it looks like this kind of thing is called a "Taxpayer Receipt".
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