Home inventory app recommendations?
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I'm looking for a home inventory app (android if possible) that will let me take a picture of something and add a description/cost and other minor details. There's [morbid inside].

My sister has ALS. We're trying to be proactive about things, and it's getting to the point where her hands aren't working well anymore.

One source of stress is how things will be handled after she's done with them. We're hoping for an application or app that would let her take a picture of something, tag it with someone's name or instructions on what she'd like to have happen with it, then upload to a central database or save file. We want this to make things easier on her, and also to eliminate any confusion or hurt feelings/contention/etc after the fact (we have a few family members that are, well...opportunistic).

I'm in charge of what happens ...after, so cloud options would be nice (I need to be able to disperse things per her wishes) as would cross-platform ability (she has a droid, I'm an iphone user). Given only one option we'd go with android since it's her life we're trying to make easier, not mine. Free is great but cost isn't really much of an issue for the right solution. Ease of use is a priority.

I've looked around and found a few options, but honestly I'm out of my depth and don't have any experience here. Any recommendations?
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Is voice recording an option? Could she just talk through the video recording?
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If you can't find an inventory app you like, what about you each having a private instagram account where you just friend each other. She could take a pic of the item and then leave a caption as to what she wants done with it.
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Evernote might be a good solution. You can make a shared notebook, or just share account credentials if neither of you is using it for anything else. She can type or dictate notes, snap pictures, etc, and the whole thing is very easily searchable if she wants to add tags for rooms, names, whatever. I could also picture it being useful for other things - she could make a notebook for things that need to be handled eventually (cancel insurance, whatever...). I'm really sorry about your sister
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This is an interesting list of estate-related apps. A lot are geared towards dispersing digital assets but there might be something in there that would allow for the functions you're looking for.
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My professional organizing colleagues have really liked Sortly lately, but for most of my clients, Evernote has nicely sufficed because you can insert photos into any note AND record portions of notes as audio messages. So, yes, you can use the "dictate" function on your digital keyboard to make it type for you, but if there's a longer message related to any given item, Evernote will let you make an audio recording. One note can include type-written content, audio content, photo content, links and more.

The other nice thing about Evernote is that you can help your sister create a table of contents note in Evernote in whatever "inventory folder" you create, so you have a linkable master list of everything.
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I would lean towards Evernote as well (though they have made some business model changes that may make it less easy to do what you need for free -- but it's not like their paid tiers are crazy expensive either). My main reason for this is that specialized apps tend to make assumptions about workflow that may not work in your case.

One workflow that might work is for your Sister to take a picture and make a note however works best for her (tags -- you'll want to work with her to set up a useful list, voice, etc.). Then, once a week/month say, you take her notes and "formalize" them -- I'd lean towards a spreadsheet for this (I'm not sure how good Google Sheets is for embedded images, but it's great for collaboration otherwise).

Your formalization will be your confirmation that you understand what she wants done with "item", and you guys can go over any changes quickly when you meet up/talk on the phone. A spreadsheet would also make it easy to create views of the list that are specific to people or family units, for dissemination purposes.

To be honest -- you might not even need Evernote for this (though folders could be nice) -- I could see a private youtube account with videos of her wandering around the room point at things and saying names working, or even a private instagram account (though you'd lose voice entry, I think).

The trick for all of these is that you will end up having to do a certain amount of secretarial work, but the fact that you will have the flexibility to do so will make it easier for your Sister to do what works for her.
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Know Your Stuff is primarily intended to keep track of belongings for insurance purposes, but it can also be used to keep track of things lent out, etc., so I'd imagine it would work for your purposes.
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