which forms of weed are useful for sex?
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I live in California and I want to improve my sex life. Could weed help?

I'm a happily married female person, but for a long time I've been basically "grin & bear-ing it" for sex. My husband has always had a higher sex drive than me, and our years of busy domesticity have ground mine down to close to nothing. My effortful attempts at cheerful cooperation are giving me no pleasure, and are not great for him either.

Can weed help me? Can it make me more physically sensitive to pleasure, or more easily aroused, or "out of my head" enough to be turned on (the best sex I've ever had was on acid, but that's not a regular thing to work into the routine.) I can get a prescription without too much trouble, but I don't know what products to buy. Any specific strains or products that you would recommend, particularly if they're available on eaze.com or another bay area delivery service? I've never been great at smoking - I feel like I swallow it instead of inhaling? - but I could learn.
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Can it make me more physically sensitive to pleasure, or more easily aroused...

Yep. Weed can absolutely do that. Any good dispensary can point you to a strain appropriate to your needs. Lots of great edibles for non-smokers, too.
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It can help your husband too, which can also end up helping you.
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Foria lube might be helpful. Their website.
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I recommend it, although women might get more out of it than men --- perhaps TMI, but as a guy I find it hard to keep focus. My partner, who is female and is not a stoner, really enjoys the sensation.

Look for an edible, such as a chocolate bar, and an Indica strain. The challenge with edibles is that it's hard to find consistent quality. Sometimes the cannabis or whatever is distributed evenly throughout the candy bar, resulting in a gentle buzz, other times it can be overwhelming (if you're not looking to get high, and instead are hoping an enhanced experience).

A chocolate bar costs us about $12 and lasts for a while (you just eat a little each time).

But my partner enjoys it, and I've heard that cannabis really helps a lot of women experience their full potential in the sack.
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>>>Can it make me more physically sensitive to pleasure, or more easily aroused...


>>>Foria lube might be helpful. Their website.

We also use this pretty regularly, and my partner says it's awesome.
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Yes, I really enjoy being able to relax and let go of judgement/anxiety during sex and would recommend trying some different strains for your situation!

Weed helps me let go of external distractions and focus so that I can have intense and prolonged orgasms. It's important to communicate beforehand no matter what kind of sex you're having (I'm personally pretty kinky so I have a lot of communication/negotiation before sex anyway) because you're going to have less inhibitions and might not be able to advocate for yourself during sex if you're really inside your head.

But one emphatic caution: I would avoid edibles until you're more experienced with how you react to weed. I can't tell from your question if you're a regular user or not. If you aren't, edibles can be unpredictable even though dispensaries should, in theory, be able to advise you on how to dose and what you might expect. It's hard to tell when they're going to kick in, which means people often end up ingesting far more than they should because they can't tell how intoxicated they're going to get or they get impatient while waiting for the effects to kick in and take a bigger dose. A bad experience with edibles can be really damaging even if you are experienced with weed — and since you're trying to build up positive associations with sexytime, I don't think you should risk the harm it can do.

If you're not into smoking, I'd look into a fairly inexpensive vape pen (this is a pretty good, reasonably priced option). You avoid almost all of the smell, you can really enjoy the flavor (without a bad aftertaste) and I find it easier to control how high I'm getting with a vaporizer so that I can avoid being completely obliterated or on the opposite end, incredibly anxious.

I prefer Sativa or hybrids instead of indica. Sativa strains tend to give you a more social high. Indica strains are known for "couchlock" or just overall relaxation, which is great if you just want to lay around and watch movies but I have a hard time wanting to do anything, including have sex, in that mode. Personally I always go for low-THC strains that are high-CBD to ensure that I can still function reasonably well without worrying about side effects.
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I would have also written everything that the thorn bushes have roses advised. ^^^^^^ It is good advice and I second it.
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Yes! Weed will totally help with this, I'm basically in the same boat. Get the card and I really enjoy the strain Grandaddy Purple for sexytimes. If it's less about the sensuality and more about chilling out then Relax & Explore from Alchemy are really nice. You can also walk into a store and ask them what strains are good for this.

You can absolutely get better at vaping/smoking with a little practice. Get a friend or the internet to teach you, but I'd summarize that it's a two phase process, step 1 being draw the smoke/vape into your mouth and step 2 inhale it into your lungs and hold for a bit.

+1 that for edibles you wanna start really small & learn what dosage works for you. Myself for example, even a single coffee bean (the Terra Bites ones) is too much -- I enjoy around 2.5mg so I have at times eaten HALF a bean (feels real stupid).

That said, edibles last a while and their onset takes literal hours so might not be the best unless you can plan ahead a bit.
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Just one more here to say that I am reliably advised that the answer to your question is yes yes yes.
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The second time I ever used marijuana was the first time I ever had an orgasm. So... yes.
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I have read that marijuana is the only true proven aphrodisiac wrt physical responsiveness, etc. Smoking is definitely the best way to control dosage.
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I have heard from several people that the Jillybean strain is good for sex, though have yet to try it myself.
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For me, it's yes and no. Yes it makes me more relaxed and uninhibited. However, it also makes my lady bits a little numb, which can make it harder to orgasm. Some numbness is actually good in my case because my bits are overly sensitive -- a little weed pretty much eliminates pain/discomfort, but too much weed is NOT good for me.

I wish I could advise you on strains, but so far it's hit and miss. My local supplier is not knowledgeable enough to recommend specific strains.
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My go tos for this have been Durban Poison or Blue Dream.
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