What tune does the worlds smallest violin play?
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What tune does the smallest violin in the world play?

I seem to remember many years ago hearing/seeing the cliche'd "sad violin" tune in a movie (comedy I think?) when someone was explaining some long, sad, tear-jerking exaggerated tale of woe.
And thus miming the playing of a violin used to be a way of sarcastically indicating to someone that you don't really care what they were carrying on about. These days it seems like people care so little that they use the smallest violin in the world to project their sarcasm! But still, I think that violin would still be playing the same cliche'd sad tune. I'd love to know what it is. I can hum the first few notes of this tune. In fact the people I've seen doing the violin mime and humming the tune all seem to be humming the same tune so I believe its a real tune not just one my memory has imagined. But I've tried using the Parson's code for the tune on search sites and so far haven't found it. Does anyone have any clues? Am I right that this is a real piece of music, or maybe it was just a snippet used for that one scene. I was *sure* it was more widespread than that though.
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"My heart bleeds for you"!
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I thought it was "My Heart Cries for You."
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Is that the one that Fat Tony plays in the Simpsons episode where Krusty's daughter turns up?
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I think it's called "Hearts and Flowers".
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The classic is either a tiny violin gesture, or more likely, rubbing the thumb and forefinger in circles. "It's the world's smallest record player, playing my heart bleeds for you." That's how old that joke is, record players were state of the art. (It was a high school joke, 100 years ago.)
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"'Hearts and Flowers,' just for you."
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Sympathy for the Devil
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Best answer: Here's a midi of Hearts and Flowers - wait a few seconds for the bit you're probably most familiar with.
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... playing "My Heart Bleeds Purple Peanut Butter For You".

You with the Purple Panther Piss, you come from tough people.
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More information on the worlds smallest violin here.
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Wow! "Hearts and Flowers" really is that "I lost all the money that was supposed to save the orphanage from being run over by the train and thrown into the river and now the orphans can't afford the operation that would let them walk again. And it's snowing." music.
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I doubt it's what you're looking for, but to me the world's smallest violin must be playing the Losing Horns from The Price Is Right. But without the horns. And with more violin.
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Philip Glass.
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Wow, we never specified...we always said "Hear that? It's the world's smallest violin playing the world's saddest song."
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"a sad, sad song" and demonstrated by rubbing the backside of the middle thumb knuckle with the index finger of the same hand, back and forth in a sawing motion. Used to sarcastically a "boo freaking hoo" emotion.
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Response by poster: HOORAY thanks so much guys. Hearts and Flowers is definitely it. But I'll look up the other tunes mentioned. I'll now be able to sleep at night. You people are my heroes.
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