How can I better enjoy film festival screenings as a restless person?
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I'll be attending multiple Sundance Film Festival screenings, but I get pretty fidgity throughout movies. Any ideas for enjoying the experience more?

The Sundance Film Festival is right in my backyard and every year I get excited about trying to catch as many films as I can, only to find myself becoming increasingly restless and fidgity during screenings. I definitely have this issue watching movies at home as well, but there I can pause and take breaks or use my phone for a minute without bothering anyone. And at the cinema I avoid sitting close to anyone so I can wiggle around a lot, but Sundance screenings are packed and I don't want to bother people sitting next to me with my leg bouncing and fidgity habits.

I am trying to prepare myself this time around with a few ideas for getting through so much screen time without feeling so restless. A few things I'm going to try are taking in a small lap blanket to feel a little more cozy, and maybe pressing my back up against a tennis ball on the theater seats (or sitting on it) and subtly shifting my weight around a bit to relieve muscle tension and get a little movement in without being distracting.

I wanted to see if anyone here might have additional suggestions? Thank you, thank you!
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Some minty toothpicks to fiddle with and nibble on and twist about and such.
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Get lots of exercise- walk a lot, to get the wiggles out
Wear extremely comfortable clothing, especially items with loose waistbands and knees (I find sitting uncomfortable in tight jeans because the fabric puts pressure on my kneecaps and the backs of my knees)
Wear a ring you can fidget with silently
Wear wool socks and slip off your shoes
Chew gum, drink water
Do isometric exercises (flex your calves, point your toes, kegels?)
Go easy on caffeine, maybe have a drink if that's your thing or you find it soothing?
Wear a soft scarf- added coziness and you can play with the fringes in your lap
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Silly Putty. Get a couple of eggs of silly putty from the toy store and combine 'em to make a good size for playing with. Roll it into a ball, flatten it out, squeeze it through your fingers. It's a good way to entertain yourself while staying nearly motionless.
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I am likewise a very fidgety person and have had good results with some of the jewelry from Stimtastic. I use one of their spinner rings in the movies all the time, or one of the chewy pendants. (I find that having something to chew on stops most of my other fidgety urges, but that is probably pretty idiosyncratic.)
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Wear a soft scarf- added coziness and you can play with the fringes in your lap

I'm a fidgeter! I always take a jacket, scarf, overshirt or some inconspicuous piece of clothing with me to the movies to take of and have in my lap to occupy my hands. I got this idea when I was in elementary school and had a hard time sitting still long enough to read long passages of a book. My counselor first gave me a sort of rosary, which was great but felt like it drew peoples' attention. Instead, I used a button-up shirt as an overshirt, which I'd take off and hold in my lap, using the buttons in place of rosary beads.

I'm such better about this now than I was 30 years ago, but I still start a movie with something in my hands to turn over until I get caught up in the flick and eventually settle in.

Enjoy Sundance! I'm envious!
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