Help me identify this folk tale (or tales)
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Is there a folk tale about a parade that you're not supposed to look at that comes through town every seven years (maybe some kind of hunting party?), and one guy looks at it, so a duck sneaks into his house and puts a fish hook in his leg and doesn't take it out until the parade comes through town seven years later?

I might be conflating a number of folk tales, or mis-remembering a specific modern story as a folk tale, but I have a vague memory of certain very specific things. Or maybe I made the whole thing up, that's always possible.

Definitely interested in answers that contain partial elements of what I'm remembering!
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Well, it's not very similar (in particular, it lacks the crucial and marvelous duck-as-bearer-of-judgement), but the bit about the guy peeping when he shouldn't have is reminiscent of the legend of Lady Godiva's naked ride, Peeping Tom, and his being struck blind as punishment.

Maybe that will be a helpful starting point?
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This is fairly broad, but the first part reminds me a lot of the Wild Jagd or the Wild Hunt.
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The parade through town every seven years reminds me of Tam Lin.
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I read something like this! And have no idea where. And now something I had forgotten is poking me albeit more gently than a fish hook in my leg.
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I was gonna say Tam Lin too.
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Yeah, Tam Lin/Wild Hunt, fey or faerie stories in general feature this theme. Tam Lin includes the procession every 7 years, and in other stories of the wild hunt, mortals who see it go blind, crazy, or are forced to join the hunt. Same goes for mortals sneaking into faerie.

I could see this particular story being from a novel playing off these common themes. It's not a specific story I remember, but definitely fits in the general style of stories of the fey.
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