Comprehensive list of books recommended by Obama over last 8 years?
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I'm looking for a compilation of all of the book recommendations Obama has made over the last 8 years. There are lists that have come out with a few at a a time, but has anyone see a comprehensive list? Thanks!
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It's a good idea to compile all of them in one place, but it's an uncommon enough idea that it's entirely possible nobody has done it until this thread.

Googling 'Obama "reading list"' was very fruitful. He released one a few days ago, but here's a big one from Wired back in October.
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Response by poster: I saw that one and it made my want a more comprehensive list. Maybe I need to compile one.
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Best answer: If you compile one please put a link to it!
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Response by poster: I think I'm going to do just that.

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Best answer: Entertainment Weekly published just such a list today.
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Someone has created a list using the Entertainment Weekly article over on Goodreads. Slightly easier to read.

It looks like you need to be logged into Goodreads to see the whole list, though, for some reason.
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Via Alison at Multnomah county library.....

87 books in that list.
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I remember reading that he was reading Brave New World, but I don't see that listed. So maybe he read it but didn't recommend it?
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Yes, Brave New World included on his summer reading list this past year.
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Blackwell's has just released such a list - "Obama recommends".
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The full list is on EW, via @ami_with_an_i from iBooks.
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