Can I run an extension cord behind drywall?
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My wife and I finally broke down and bought a modern, flat-screen TV. I would like to hang it and hide the wires behind the wall. I know that I can do this with the low-voltage, HDMI cables, but I am wondering if I can run a good commercial-grade extension cord behind the wall as well so that I can hide the TV's power cord. Is this a dangerous/terrible idea?

Thanks, as always, for your help.
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Oh god no!, please don't do this.

Extension cords have insulation that burns easily. In the case of a fire it will bring the fire from one part of your house to another. It's totally and absolutely against code.

Run proper 'Plenum rated' cable. ie: Romex
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Would it work? Yes. Would it be legal? No.

It shouldn't be much more difficult to install a new outlet behind the TV, and connect it properly to whatever outlet you were going to get your power from, with Romex.

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Yeah, if you're already going to have the wall open, running Romex is not that hard. Look around Youtube, you can find tutorials on nearly anything like this, and it doesn't involve much in the way of tools or parts.
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OK. Thanks everyone. Message received. I will call the electrician this afternoon.

Thanks so much, Mefites!
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My man Scott Caron is going to show you exactly how to do this using proper cable.

You'll feel better and it will be more maintainable.
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There are plenty of in wall TV cabling kits that also include power, and don't need opening the wall or running romex.
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I am super happy I hired an electrician to hang my TV and add outlets (PLURAL! ADD MORE OUTLETS THAN YOU EVER THINK YOU'LL NEED), HDMI (ADD MORE THAN YOU EVER THINK YOULL NEED), ethernet (.. you get the idea) and route other cables through the wall.
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