Results of Colorado 2013 Gun Control Laws
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I'm looking for information about any results, good or bad, that can be attributed to the gun control laws passed by Colorado in 2013 in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shootings.

Has there been any decrease in gun violence? Fewer guns sold due to increased background checks? Anything related to the large capacity magazine ban?
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I can't tell if you're looking for only gun related outcomes or political ones, but if the latter, Udall losing his Senate seat to Gardner certainly qualifies.
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Magpul, the gun magazine manufacturer, moved to Wyoming taking a bunch of jobs with them
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Heh, well, I was looking more towards gun related outcomes...
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The magazine ban is a ban on sales/transfers taking place within the state on mags holding >15 rds. It doesn't appear to prevent anyone from driving out of state and buying up larger mags for personal use. It's not entirely clear that someone couldn't just order mags online, and mags purchased before June 1 were grandfathered in. Safe to say that there are very few people who want larger mags but can't get them. It'd also be very difficult to convict someone unless they were caught in the act of a purchase/transfer within the state. It's a feel-good law that's fairly toothless.

This article has 1 year of data on Colorado crime stats following the changes in the law. The data are from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, so I'd point you there.
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Whether the Colorado Gun Laws have decreased or increased gun violence since the Aurora shooting depends entirely on facts.
There have been changes, but ones which have significantly failed to circumvent successive mass shootings across the nation. Statistically, Colorado has seen slight decline of robberies involving firearms, but slight increase of aggravated assaults involving firearms over the four years.
Records show that guns associated murders were significantly lower in 2013 when compared to 2012 and 2014. According to Colorado Ceasefire report, 2014 had a higher number (647 people), 101 were homicides with a firearm, and 527 were suicides with a firearm. However, facts about gun violence in the State of Colorado are hard to find, especially the ones involving the recent past. In 2015, a CNN anchor admitted that gun control did not stop Colorado triple-murder shooting.
The declaration popped up when the Colorado Governor, John Hickenlopper was questioned by anchor Brianna Keilar. The anchor’s statement was motivated by the Governor‘s admission that the state started background checks, which in fact did not prevent Colorado Springs shooting. Generally, Gun Laws have not been successfully in eradicating gun violence and murders in particular.
The former U.S. president, Barack Obama did show his frustration towards lawmakers. We are yet to see what the 45th U.S. President Donald Trump will do about the Gun Laws across the nation.
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