What was this article (or podcast?) I read (or heard?)
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In the last couple of months I read or listened to something. It was the story of a guy, who was essentially a 'good kid', who nonetheless got into burgling. He'd drop through the skylights of local stores at night and steal stuff. By all accounts he was quite good at it (I think he was good at climbing?) and for a time was a bit of a one-man crime wave – though eventually he got caught. (I also think his misdeeds may have been in service of a gambling addiction.)

The piece was written/narrated by a woman who I'm pretty sure was one his peers – maybe a high school or college friend. She only found out about his nefarious activities later, after his arrest, and in the course of the piece also meets up with him to talk about how he'd ended up taking such an unusual path. I think they drove around the neighbourhood together while he pointed out places he's robbed.

Despite remembering all this I can't track it down. Does it ring any bells?
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Best answer: This American Life, 598: My Undesirable Talent
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Response by poster: Boom. Thanks!
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