Can I connect wireless headphones to this receiver? If not, then what?
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All my music is on CDs. I want to get wireless headphones so I can listen to music while falling asleep. I play CDs on this receiver, which has a headphone jack but doesn't do Bluetooth. Is there any way I could use wireless headphones with it? If not, what's a good alternative solution? Also, gear recs please.

If going wireless with the Denon is impossible, I'm starting from square one, so the question becomes: I have a CD collection. I want to listen to it wirelessly on very comfortable headphones -- i.e. comfortable enough to fall asleep in -- with excellent audio quality. (I mostly listen to jazz and classical, if it matters.) What gear do I need to accomplish this? Let's assume a budget of around $500.
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There are roughly a bazillion bluetooth adapters on the market that will turn any headphone jack into a bluetooth transmitter. Here's one with good reviews (no personal experience). Once that's hooked up you can use any bluetooth headphones you like with it.

Depending on how far away from the source you're going to be, most "tv headphones"-type things are actually RF, not bluetooth, e.g. these, but those are mostly bulky over-the-ear things so probably not what you want to fall asleep with?
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Like brainmouse said, just get a BT adapter. Many, many, many on Amazon, Newegg, etc.

One thing to be aware of is latency (i.e., the time delay between the adapter receiving the signal, converting it to BT, transmitting it, and your BT headphones receiving it). Yeah, electricity runs at the speed of light, but sometimes the circuit will make you think that still isn't fast enough, lol. This won't be an issue if all you do is listen to your media, but if you use BT headphones to listen while you watch video, you might encounter a delay of a few (or more) milliseconds. May or may not be a big deal, but if a reviewer complains about excessive latency, this is what they are referring to.
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You might be better off with a transmitter with a digital input, like this, if your CD is going digital into the receiver anyways. Then it doesn't hit a DAC at all until your headphones. Otherwise your audio is getting converted to analog and re-digitized.
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has a headphone jack but doesn't do Bluetooth

Is there some reason you must use Bluetooth? There are many non-Bluetooth wireless headphones out there.
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No specific reason for Bluetooth, except ignorance and the fact that I happened to be looking at a review for a Bluetooth set. What other options are there? If this part is easy, maybe I'm looking more for specific headphone recs, plus a description of what's needed to link them to the Denon.
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Ah, I missed that you don't actually have the headphones yet. You should be aware that Bluetooth audio is compressed and so might not be the best idea if you're picky about sound quality.
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What other options are there?

Both RF and infra-red are commonly available.
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