What am I doing wrong with these Ficcare Maximas clips?
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Based on the numerous recommendations that pop up on the green, I purchased two Ficcare maximas clips, small and medium. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but neither of them will stay in my hair (even in a simple half-back or pony style) for longer than three to five minutes, after which they just go sliding off. This is baffling, since I seem to be the only person in the world who has ever had this problem... Any tips?

If it's relevant, my hair is to my armpits, used to be properly thick but now is merely on the thicker side of average, and isn't fine but isn't coarse, either. I would appreciate any advice y'all have got, because these clips were not cheap and I'm determined to make them work.
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I have one, but I got the large and my hair was not nearly as long as yours. I primarily twisted my hair up in back and clipped it through, with the bottom kinda really in there. Have you tried twisting your hair and using the clip that way? Like even with a half ponytail, sort of twist it up and shove it in? They don't really function the same as regular barrettes, more like to hold a twist in place. Also, I am not sure yours are big enough.
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I had the same experience, except the clip slipped out of my hair within a few seconds. Apparently they work well for some hair types, but not for all. I returned mine (the clip, not the hair).
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They slip out of my hair as well. I always assumed that I just had the wrong size, but I don't wear my hair up often enough to bother trying to figure out the correct size.
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I have had a large Maximus for almost 10 years. Pony and half back styles don't work at all. It is, however, great at holding a French twist or bun, as long as I make it tight enough. Maybe try one of these or a similar style. For me, it helps if my hair is slightly damp.
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I have very thick shoulder length hair. The one clip I have in medium will slip out if I try to stuff all my hair in it, so when I use it I will generally just pull back the front of my hair. I don't have any trouble with the large clips though.
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I don't ever use my Ficcare (small, I think--on medium-thick, somewhat coarse but slippery, shoulder-length hair) in a half-up or pony style. It's not a barrette, it's a giant hair pin. Actually, I do a half-up that's actually a tiny twisted bun, and it works for that. But mostly, I find it great for holding basic chignons in place all day. I never figured out how to do a French twist but the principle seems sound--twist your hair before inserting the clip.
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