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I love Carmex. My wife hates it. I like being allow to still kiss her in winter, so I need to replace Carmex with something else. What other lip balms are worth trying that I can get in a small squeeze tube?

The classic ChapStick type containers won't work for me because I leave them stashed in my car and coat where they melt and then leak, so I need something that's completely sealed, like those squeeze tubes.

Carmex is out, and Aquaphor is apparently not gonna pass muster either. We do both like Lypsyl, but that doesn't come in a sealed container.

I hear that shea butter based products are good, and Carmex has some anesthetic properties that have always sounded nice to me, so suggestions along those lines would be appreciated. I'm probably not looking for anything flavored/scented beyond a generic mint or menthol.

To save any questions later, I am male, and while I'm not looking for lip gloss here, I don't mind if suggestions are for products targeted towards women.
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I like Jack Black lip balm (I'm a lady), the Shea Butter and Vitamin E one is very nice.
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Vaseline is the best.
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We keep this in our car </
The plain one, not flavored.

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We Vermonters swear by Bag Balm!
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I know you said no chapstick, but if you're willing to save a special lip balm just for smooching, this one by Blistex is AWESOME.
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Smith's Rosebud Salve contrary to the name, it's not really rose scented. It does have a light non-camphor smell, and is very emollient.
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Lipsyl makes a tubed balm, they now market it as 'cold sore relief' but it's just a liquidy version of the stuff in the regular stick.

I think it's also a little more minty? Good stuff, though.
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What lip balm does your wife use?
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I am horribly allergic to some ingredient in Blistex so be careful lest your smoothly-lipped kissing lead her lips to start sloughing off.

I like Burt's Bees.
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Consider making your own. Not that difficult and you can customize the fragrance. Basically varied ratios of beeswax, moisturizing oils like coconut, argan, sweet almond, and essential oils for fragrance (or not.) I make my own balms and salves for my various parts that need balming and salving. I like being able to know and name what's in them.
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The Burt's Bees plain old beeswax lip balm is one of my favorites and it does come in a squeeze bottle.

I also use the rose and saffron lip conditioner by Soap and Paper Factory. It's very nice and a little spicy and it come in one of those tiny glass pots with the screw-on lid.
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I'm also a lady who goes for Jack Black (I buy it for my partner, too, on his request). I like the texture (stays on but not too sticky), it's actually moisturizing, it has SPF.
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10 x Refill Empty Tubes Lip Gloss Balm Clear Cosmetic Containers 5ml.

If you go the DIY route, these tubes might be what you're looking for to put the finished product in.
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I LOVE the My Favorite Night Balm. I've heard it's similar to jack black. It's thick because it's for overnight it you can use a thin amount. Has a light vanilla flavor.
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OMGAWD, I have tried every lip balm in the book and I swear there is nothing, NOTHING BETTER than Vaseline Coconut Butter Lip Balm.
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Vaseline makes something that comes in a similar tube. It's nice and thick so it stays on, and doesn't have any flavor or scent.
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I think apricot is talking about this Vaseline lip therapy that comes in a tube like the Carmex, which is exactly what I came in here to recommend. It's definitely unflavored and unscented, and it works really well. It's the best lip balm I've used, and I try to always keep a couple of tubes on hand in my bag/car/etc, especially during the winter.
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Just get shea butter and then apply as needed. I keep my lip stash in an old mini altoids tin. It is the best.
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This lip balm is advertised to not melt in temps up to 125 degrees even though it is in a tube. I haven't used this particular product, but everything I've gotten from Duluth is top quality.
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Someone already suggested the Smith's Rosebud Salve I was going to suggest (and hey is also comes in multiple flavors!) but I just wanted to mention that you probably don't want to use anything based on shea butter if you keep it in the car. Shea butter gets grainy and gritty if it melts and re-solidifies and will make a definitely unpleasant lipbalm experience (ask me how I know). The temperature in a car fluctuates too much for shea butter and you probably want to stick to products that aren't based on plant oils that will go rancid quickly. The Rose's Balm holds up very well and I still open a tube sometimes that I've had for 5 years or so.
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In re. spinifex23's link to the tubes -- you can also just gently nuke tubes of Lypsyl and pour them into the squeeze tubes if you don't want to do DIY balms.

(Carmex is terrific stuff for my lips, but it has salicyclic acid to slough stuff off, and I think that's what the anti-Carmex crowd usually objects too -- I suspect they might be more sensitive to it. I feel your pain; I have to mind the timing of my Retin-A use lest I leave somebody else peeling...)
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That's it, litera scripta manet! It's my favorite too. All the other ones wear off too quickly, or have a weird drying effect. Seriously, I have tried Burt's Bees, Smith's Rosebud Salve, Chapstick, etc, etc. The Vaseline one is the best, and it doesn't leak or melt if you leave it in your pocket or in your car.
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Why is aquaphor no good? I LOVE that stuff, and it absorps, and has none of the lip peeling effect I get with Carmex.

FYI, when you go off Carmex, you may find that NOTHING helps your chapped lips for a while - Carmex withdrawal is a thing, in my experience.
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Best answer: Lucas' pawpaw ointment is fairly neutral (despite fruity inclusions) and comes in a couple of different squeeze bottle options (15g and 25g).

Also good for burns and nappy rash amongst other things if you're looking for a multitasker.
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Definitely this specific Blistex. It is amazing.
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Note, if your wife isn't into Carmex because it's so medicinal, definitely pass up the Blistex that comes in a squeeze tube, and probably all their other kinds, too. I use it myself but asking someone to kiss you with it on? Disgusting.

I came in to recommend Jack Black, too, in mint!
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i like the c.o. bigelow mentha lip shine. it's lightly minty and not all that shiny.
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I prefer straight lanolin for my lips, so I use the stuff for nipples sold in the baby care aisle. However, I have been meaning to try an Australian product called Lanolips.
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If you (or anyone) do want to try Lanolin Balm, Belli Sheer Comfort Lanolin comes in a tube. I've tried it but I prefer the overnight one I linked earlier.
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Nthing Jack Black in shea butter for picky lips.
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Best answer: Seconding Lucas' Papaw. It converted me from Carmex.
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Aquaphor Lip Repair
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Best answer: Lucas Paw paw. There's a reason pretty much every Australian women has a tube in her bag. It's not flavoured and as a bonus you can use it for burns, rashes, bug bites and it cures chapped lips too.
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Best answer: Another vote for Lucas paw paw (from an Australian woman, heh) It is also brilliant around the edge of your nose when it's sore from blowing it.

We all have it and it fixes everything. If we're stranded in the middle of no where with assorted injuries, fair warning, I will be dabbing Lucas paw paw on them.
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I like the pure lanolin in mini squeeze tubes.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. Looks like I have quite a few options to investigate! I'll follow up with what ends up being the solution, though it may be a few months.
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Response by poster: Update! I started out with Lucas' pawpaw ointment, which came in a fantastic tube. The fermented fruit aspect is a little different, and sometimes it seems to have a weird scent/flavor to it (that I hope isn't the fruit doing weird fermentation things), but it is completely acceptable and tolerable by all parties involved.

I also felt completely prepared when our cat unintentionally scratched my wife and drew some blood. Lucas' to the rescue!

I'll be working my way through the tube and then may branch out to another option to see if I like anything else better, but right now Pawpaw is the one to beat.
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Yeah, it's supposed to smell like that. You get used to it.
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
After trying a few products, Blistex Moisture Melt has been deemed acceptable by all concerned parties.
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