How to easily get a 2nd number on an Android phone?
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For safety, my not technical, Android-phone bearing friend needs a second phone number for US calls and SMS. On iOS, I recommend Sudo App. It's overkill here, but would work. Can you suggest a similar solution for Android?
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Is Google Voice not an option for some reason? You can easily make US calls and send/receive SMS via Google Voice.
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Seconding google voice.
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I use google voice for my second phone number on my Android phone.
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A more expensive route would be to purchase a dual sim phone.
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I have used Burner for this and also have wanted to try Sideline (but haven't). Burner is good for a week for free.

But I've had Google Voice since before it was Google Voice, and it works great for voice and texting. (I just want to keep my GV number forever, so I've dabbled with other services so it stays relatively spam free)
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I use Hushed for selling stuff on craigslist.
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