Recommendation for California CPA or tax preparer for late filings
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I've had some complicated tax wranglings. Any recommendations for a good CPA in San Francisco Bay Area who works fast and can help me untangle this?

Due to a messy split-up, independent business, and late tax return filings for IRS and California State, I've got late tax filings to work through. My last CPA was really slow, expensive, and not really motivated to help, which was frustrating and caused even more stress. I'd appreciate MeFite recommendations here!
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This is definitely the wrong time of year to ask a CPA to take this on. For the matters that don't involve 2016, you would be better off waiting until after May 1.
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I've used this guy for several years and find him helpful and quick, but not cheap. Good luck!

Alan R. Morris, CPA
235 Westlake Center, #506
Daly City, CA 94015
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I'll PM you my recommendation if you memail me.
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You don't need a CPA, which might be why your last one was slow. MeMail me for a good tax guy in the Sunset, but I've also taken care of past taxes with a tax guy who happened to have a storefront next to my girlfriend's apartment at the time. Basically the same experience
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