Securing Thermos to backpack
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I have this thermos. I'm looking for a way to secure it to my backpack.

The backpack has a pocket, but it's not very deep and not very tight, so the thermos is prone to falling out. I'd like to secure it to my bag using a carabiner (probably). Is there a silicone/neoprene loop or sleeve I can get that will wrap securely (or securely enough to handle a fair bit of jostling, possibly being inverted) around the thermos and allow me to attach a carabiner?
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I would make one out of rubber from a bicycle inner tube. (But then I make pretty much everything from that.)
You can cut straight for the shortest possible elastic band, diagonally if you need it longer, make your band narrower if it needs to stretch easily, wider if it needs to be harder to stretch.
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There are a ton of these products. Just google "bottle sleeve carabiner" and it'll return a pile of results. Add a material to that search to narrow your selection. I'd recommend one made out of either silicone or neoprene that's GRIPPY inside, because thermoses like that are very slippery. I wouldn't trust something too fabricky (like those sleeves made out of elastic strips) to hold that thermos securely.
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If you wind up not being able to find a good solution for this, you can buy travel mugs with either a carabiner built in, or a tight sleeve with a strap included. (I definitely get not wanting to give up a favorite thermos, though!)
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If you have twine you can secure a carabiner to a thermos using a turk's head knot.

They look nice too, imo.
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My solution to a similar problem involved the use of a Bottle Band, but I found that the carabiner was slowly cutting into the band. I ended up starting out fresh with a new one, with some o-rings added on, with the clip hooked on those instead.
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Thanks for the recommendations. Being in Canada seems to throw a wrench into things, as the selection isn't quite the same up here.

Bottle Band looked like the kind of thing I was after, but Amazon Canada doesn't seem to carry.
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