Socially interactive iPhone games
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My kids like playing with my iPhone. I like playing with my kids. What are some kid-friendly iPhone (or browser-based) activities that act as springboards for face-to-face human interaction? I'm not so much looking for games like Ticket To Ride where we each take turns focusing on the phone. I'm more looking for things like Heads Up or Spyfall where the phone is involved, but the main focus is on the other humans in the room.

Just to be clear, Ticket To Ride is a great game and I highly recommend it-- I just feel like I'm well covered for that kind of game, whereas kid-friendly social games are harder to come by.
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Spaceteam might be at least sort of the type of thing you're looking for.
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I don't play myself, but I think Pokemon Go would fit the bill
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Seconding Spaceteam. It's really fun, stressful, but silly-fun stress.
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The Pandemic app maybe? Depending on how old they are.
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Pokemon Go will get you outside but has no social interaction built in.
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My family likes the PC game called Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. One team looks at the PC screen which contains a detailed bomb; the other team has a set of paper manuals. The PC team has to describe what they are seeing and the paper team has to find that condition and tell the PC team which button to press or which wire to disconnect.

Some of the games that you find can be made into social games. Like the Pokemon Go argument above: no, the game itself doesn't create social interaction, but if everyone has it up on their phone and you all go out to play it is SUPER social and fun as you call out to each other what you found and how high the points are and which way should we go to find the next thing..

And here are some links with other ideas -
Tom's Guide to mobile party games
Gadgette list
Inverse article

PS - I'm glad you asked this question. I'm going to use some of these at my next party. Thanks.
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