Wedding Gifts for a Brazilian Couple from the USA
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We are friends with a Brazilian couple that will soon be getting married. We will be sending gifts in the mail. The pre-shipping price point we're looking at is about $150. One thing we absolutely will be sending is a pack of red party cups (the groom has expressed interest in them!). But what else should we send?

We do not know the bride, but we would like to send a great first impression. Do you have any ideas for gifts that are fairly easy to acquire in the US (SF Bay Area) and that would be well received by a newlywed Brazilian couple in their early 30's?
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Can you tell us anything about them other than their nationality? This might narrow the field quite a bit?
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With no other information about them, I would send a pack of red Solo cups, a set of the reusable cups made to look like red Solo cups, some cute picnic ware (plates, titanium sporks, containers, cloth napkins, corkscrew/bottleopener etc) and a picnic hamper with a built-in wine holder. The idea. eing that they can fo have a picnic or go camping in style. If they are at all outdoorsy, it might work very well-- the red Solo cups make me think they're partying people so they probably want a way to take the party with them.
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When I went to Brazil the most frequent requests were for electronics (due to the exorbitant import tariffs) and for US itunes cards (gets access to better selection and prices than local market). If you are mailing, I would stick with itunes cards. There is some risk of theft but likely manageable and you could possibly mail insured. If you mail electronics you would likely get caught up in customs.
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