Why did Durex set up shop in Knutsford?
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Yesterday I noticed something on the back of a condom wrapper, namely the address of the International Head Office of Durex: Canute Court, Toft Road Knutsford, Cheshire What I want to know is how did a condom manufacturer end up in Knutsford. Was it by chance or did they choose to set up shop there because of the name?
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Hmmm... the formatting was off. The address is:

Canute Court, Toft Road
Knutsford, Cheshire.
posted by Kattullus at 10:37 PM on January 8, 2006

Durex company history
posted by frogan at 10:59 PM on January 8, 2006

If they were looking for something intentionally funny there's much better options.

For example: Intercourse, PA
posted by saraswati at 10:59 PM on January 8, 2006

Or fucking, austria
posted by growabrain at 11:15 PM on January 8, 2006

frogan: Nothing about Knutsford

saraswati & growabrain: If they wanted to go all out they could have moved over the Channel to France and put their headquarters in Condom.
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Most of these would be fitting.
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This doesn't answer your question exactly, but Canute is the modern English equivalent of Knut.

Interestingly, Knutsford doesn't appear hereanywhere, so you could be on to something.
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What's the expiry date on that wrapper? This 2004 article says they "pulled out of" Knutsford.
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Do Nuts mean balls in the UK?
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"So, where shall we set up our Internation Headquarters?"
"How about Knutsford - that's sure to give some college kids a laugh."
"Good idea!"

(The above is fictitious and possibly not how it happened at all...)
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Best option : Condom, France.
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Most of these would be fitting.

They're too tight for me, sorry.
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Sorry, I don't understand the question. What's so special/unusual about Knutsford?
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Do Nuts mean balls in the UK?

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salamacis: Knutsford could be read as equivalent to Sementown. Sorry.
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This is bollocks.
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As a fine upstanding Knutsford resident, I feel strongly about our towns performance in the sexual arena.

Durex coming to town, and indeed, their residency, provided much mirth and merriment to all - more so because the actual offices are tiny.

The climax of their occupation and subsequent elopement to that slut of an office whore location, Trafford Park (and *everyone* knows what went on there, don't they *nudge-nudge-wink-wink-say-no-more*) meant that Knutsfords' loss was of course, Trafford Parks gain - but Knutsford has such a nicer class of people don't you know?

Besides, Beckham et al are only 15 minutes away in Alderley Edge, and Wilmslow being the haunt of many a Pussy Posse meant that surely their sales must have been pricked somewhat. arf arf. (Oh, and a *Fnarr Fnarr* while I'm at it)

Seriously - they bailed when the rent went through the roof compared to TP's new developments; growing in size was most likely a factor as well. They did originally have two locations, the larger being at Toft Hall - a large stately type building that has had a chequered past rental wise due to its' size and cost - As to *why* they were there in the first place, Seton-Scholl (footwear stuff) merged with SSL Int. (Durex) and they all lived happily in Knutsford, taking Seton Scholls offices...
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Knutsford Scabby Women

To most people in the UK, Knutsford is known for having a service station* on the M6** (as referenced in the link).

* rest stop
** M6=Motorway=Freeway. Like I-80.

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Thanks DrtyBlvd! I was half expecting no one to have the answer, but there it is! Thanks a million for sating my idle curiosity.

Teg: Thanks for the article. I laughed like a person possessed at the sentence "[Durex] has pulled out of its plush offices in Knutsford." Something about the word "plush" just sent me over the edge. And the condoms expire in June 2009 (and no, I didn't just know that off the top of my head, I went and checked :) )
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