Plus-size lingerie shopping, Amazon Prime edition
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I have an unexpected getaway of the sort where I'd like to bring some lingerie. For speed and convenience's sake, I'm hoping to buy a few pieces on Amazon, Prime-eligible so they arrive in time. I'm having trouble deciphering the sizing since brands seem to do things differently (plus Amazon's search is so bad). I'm hoping someone can help me find something sexy for my size 24, bra size 40G body. More within.

In most clothes I wear a 3X/24, but a lot of the lingerie listings have a 3X as a 16 or so. I've searched for 5x and 6x, but the vast majority of those hits were corsets, which I don't really want.
Does anyone know from personal experience or Amazon voodoo what brands and corresponding sizes might work for me? As I said, I'm not really looking for corsets, but I'm otherwise pretty open-minded about style (and also fabric and color). I just need a starting point of things that are likely to fit.
If at all possible, please keep your suggestions to Amazon stuff I can get fairly quickly. I know this is a tall order, but maybe some buxom ladies here have some tips.
Many thanks!
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Elomi's bras are great, and they do have some lingerie on Amazon--though sizing is so individual that I'd say you need to measure for yourself (and use Elomi's size charts -- Amazon's are a joke).

(Have fun!)
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(Ah, sorry, that one doesn't have Prime shipping in all sizes, but it does in some. And there are some bustiers and sets with Prime as well.)
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I don't have any brand suggestions, but when I order with Prime, I often order several sizes/colors/etc and return what doesn't work--with Prime it is super easy and free! Maybe that way you can try what you like and take it with you on vacation and deal with the returns when you are back. Enjoy your trip!
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We are a similar size, and I wear a lot of Elomi stuff. Elomi is a UK brand and they use UK sizing, so watch out for that. It's not completely clear to me whether Amazon is operating on the US or UK sizes so that may not be much help.

In a similar vein to the Elomi one, this gorgeous Panache thing.
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That Panache babydoll is gorgeous!

Is it bras/structured lingerie you're looking for, or would chemises/nightgowns/more flowing lingerie work?

As a fellow plus-sized busty woman, I agree with the Elomi recommendations. I also recommend visiting the /r/ABraThatFits subreddit. Those ladies know their stuff and will be able to help with "if this fits, what similar items should I try". Finally, I second stillmoving's suggestion of just buying stuff in several different sizes and returning what doesn't fit after your trip. Bras/fitted lingerie are so finicky and something that by all logic should fit often just doesn't for whatever reason. (Keep an eye on return policies though! )

Is there any way you can get to a bricks-and-mortar lingerie store/department store and get fitted? (I imagine not or you wouldn't have asked the question!) Then you have an idea of what brands/styles suit you best, even if they don't have exactly what you need or it's priced too high. That may help narrow down your Amazon search. That helped me recently when I got fitted for bras in the store, bought two (not completely boring, but still) beige bras and found the same bras in different colours on Amazon.

You could go with a tank/lacy underwear combo. (I have no experience with Hanky Panky but cost is the only thing holding me back. I need my own getaway to justify it!)

Good luck and have a fun trip!
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A caution with ordering from Amazon... while stuff usually arrives on time per the shipping speed you selected, it doesn't always. You might want to order a couple more pieces than you strictly need, and from different sellers, in case something gets shipped via their stupid "Amazon Logistics" shipping (which seems to be consistently terrible, according to reviews). That way you don't wind up scrambling for something to wear at the last minute if one or more of your pieces is not delivered on time.

If your trip is a couple of weeks away, I wouldn't worry that much about delivery but if you absolutely, positively need it to be there in 2-3 days that's when I'd over-order.
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Those Elomi and Panache babydolls are wonderful, and all you have to do is order it as if you were ordering a bra. Their sizes are UK sizes (which is pretty standard in the bra industry now, unless you're buying, like, Lane Bryant bras which still use old US sizing conventions), and forgiving for most breast shapes. The size Amazon reflects matches the size on the label.

For very very racy stuff, search for the Dreamgirl brand. Most of it is Prime-able, and very cheap. They tend toward stuff like lacy bodysuits and barely-there dresses and fantasy costumes. Their plus sizes are very very stretchy and their 3X should fit you just fine--in some things, even the 2X might. Their stuff is also pretty flimsy and kind of shocking when you get the package and pull this tiny bit of material out. Don't worry--I'm serious about the stretchiness. :)

And speaking of Lane Bryant, if there's one convenient to you, they have started carrying much better sexy lingerie lately, like babydolls and nightgowns and garters (they call them "hip slips") and crotchless (they say "open gusset") panties.
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