How to promote a resume editing service
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I have a knack for cleaning up resumes and making them shine. How do I get the word out online?

I have done this a few times for very little money or essentially as a favor. It has gotten rave reviews. So I have set up a webpage on my personal blog outlining what I do. What are some options for getting the word out?

I tweeted it and posted it to HN. What else can I do (for free)?

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Best answer: Reddit for hire, metafilter jobs, twitter, Facebook.

Additionally you can blog about resume improvements to advertise.
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Best answer: Craigslist services! Definitely an underappreciated portion of craigslist.
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Best answer: If there's a particular job you specialize in, you could see if there are any Facebook groups on the topic and post an add for your services there. I'm a member of a very large medical coding job group on Facebook and people are constantly asking for resume help and several members will always comment and link to their resume websites or give some info about what they charge to fix up a resume.
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The other thing you can do is optimize your site (SEO) and run some ads on Google to promote your services. Itsore of a long term strategy and not free, although nominal in cost but it will definitely help get the word out effectively. If you don't know how to do this yourself you could engage a freelancer on Upwork to assist with this process.
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Best answer: Good advice so far!

If you don't have a mailing list, put a sign up button on your website right away. You can use Mailchimp (free) to track and organize. If you do have a mailing list, send out weekly tips with a link to your website, no fancy graphics, just a simple text email with a link.

Don't discount Instagram -- it has a lot more engagement than FB or even Twitter these days. A daily or weekly photo or graphic post with tips (use at least 20 relevant hashtags) will help you gain traction there. If you don't have strong graphics skills, check out Canva, a free graphic design app.

Facebook ads (not free, but you can set your budget wherever you need to) can be surprisingly productive if targeted well. If you don't have a graphic design background, you can use Canva to make nice looking ads. Remember to have your website landing page include a very clear "click to buy" right up top so you minimize the amount of clicks to do to sign up for your service.You can additionally target your FB ads to those email addresses using the custom audience function.

Ask past clients for testimonials. These can be used on your website, as part of ads, and even included in your weekly tips emails.
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Best answer: If you are located near a university, you could post (physical) ads in the usual locations (bulletin boards on campus, the employment services area for students, nearby businesses that permit postings, etc.).
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Response by poster: Thanks. This was extremely helpful.
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