Port Corporate Phone Number to Google Voice
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GV won't port corporate number, there has to be a way to port number to a personal line cheaply and then port to GV, right? What is the cheap way to do it?

I - should have ported my number to GV in the first place - but ported my personal number to my last company when I joined. Now that I've left my new company won't port numbers so it was recommended I port my number that is with my old company to GV, if I wanted to keep it. I do and the number has been released. But GV won't port corporate numbers-- so can I port the number to a prepaid phone or a SIM card for a day and then port of out to GV? Somehow without paying some crazy fee or contract?

Am in the US

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I'm assuming your talking about a mobile number?

I was sort of in a similar situation. I had my personal number on my personal phone and a work cell phone. I ported the work number to Ting for a short while before going with Verizon a few months later and I ported my personal number to Google Voice.

The advantage of going to Ting is that you can do so inexpensively if you already have a compatible device. You may not even need the device if you can activate service and forward calls. Or you decide you want to port directly to another provider (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, a Sprint reseller like Ting etc...) and use it as your main phone number.
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One other thing to keep in mind is that if you already have a Google Voice number and you port over a second number you'll need to select which one will be the primary and if you then use the Google Voice app on a smartphone you will be dialing out with that number while the other will be incoming only. Easy enough to change via the website but it's something to keep in mind.

Or I guess you can create a new Google Voice account but then you have another account to manage and track.
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