I want my morning alarm to be a stream of online radio via my phone.
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I've been using the Public Radio and Podcast app, but sometimes (like this morning) the alarm either doesn't go off or it goes off at the wrong time. I understand that the app's creator is no longer supporting it. What is the best replacement? I'm looking for something that functions well and has the variety of choices offered by the Public Radio and Podcast app. My phone is an Android. Thanks!
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It looks like News Alarm can do this.
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Tune in Radio, free version, ( tunein.com ) has an alarm feature. I've never used the "Public Radio and Podcast" app so I don't know whether it has the variety of choices that you are looking for but it does have an alarm and I've been able to access a live stream for every radio station that I have looked for so far.
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You appear to have a lot of options. Radio Alarm clock looks like it will do the job. The key is to pick your favorite news station. I'm partial to BBC World News myself on my iPhone app, bedr radio.

I love tune in radio but cannot find an alarm function in my app.
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Response by poster: Hey bearwife, you find find instructions here.
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That does work! You just need to make sure Tune In is open and on display, per the popup once you set the alarm. And that's a great app for all radio including some major news station (like AP.)
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