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Mefites who consume Soylent (specifically the bottled kind), what do you use to flavor it?

As part of my attempt this New Year to get my weight down, I've decided to take the plunge into consuming Soylent, and have ordered and received a month's supply of the bottles. The taste isn't BAD, but I'd certainly like it to be more interesting. What mixins // flavorings have worked for you?

I'm looking for things that are:
-low effort (I -can- throw stuff in a blender if needed, but I'm lazy and 1/2 of my consumption will be @work, which precludes that unless the recipe is suitable to rebottle)
-(optional) as close to 0-cal as possible. I have plenty of cap space on my diet to accomodate additions, but if I can find 0-cal options that are tasty, so much the better!

My standard approach has been to pour the soylent out of the bottle into a plastic cup, mix something in, stir, and consume. If a blender is needed, I can acquire one,

Things I have tried so far that didn't appear to help:
Sugarfree caramel syrup (still tasted like default soylent)
Raspberry preserves (still tasted like default soylent, until I got to the very bottom of the glass, where I enjoyed a half raspberry, half soylent mix. It was pretty good.)

I'm aware of, and will be ordering to try, the newly announced flavors. Until then (and to help me with the 60+ bottles I ordered of the default type), what are your suggestions?
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When I had to drink a bunch of unpleasant stuff for medical tests, it was better to go with salty/savoury than sweet. Salt-reduced chicken stock powder?
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If you had the powder kind I'd recommend mixing it with cold brew black coffee instead of water, but if you have the pre-mixed kind, add some espresso powder (or even just regular instant coffee granules) and a little stevia if you like your coffee sweet.
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Seconding instant coffee. Dissolve them in hot water before adding to shake. I like pure sucralose powder or liquid sucralose to sweeten, but I hate the taste of stevia and other appropriate non-sugar sweeteners. You could just use some sugar, if you aren't aiming for lower carb.

Also, mio or other concentrated water "enhancers," (the Crush branded strawberry is nice, as are the Kool-Aid liquid ones) because the sugar free syrups are too dilute to really taste in premixed liquid. I found berry flavors generally worked well, orange was good, lemon not so good.

I could not choke down a savory soylent even if my life depended on it. Like drinking salad dressing. Ugh.
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I replace breakfast and lunch most days with KetoChow, a soylent like product (complete meal replacement with vitamins etc) and vastly prefer their flavors to Soylent (what I tried first). You can check it out here if you're interested.

Edited: This sounds like a shill for keto chow now that I reread it but that wasn't my intention, I'm just stoked about having so many flavor options in a soylent product.
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I enjoyed Soylent with a heaping spoonful or two of cocoa powder + a shake of cinnamon. No sweetener.
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Fresh strawberries made Soylent quite pleasant for me when I drank it.
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Mio - bought at Target, sometimes good package deals on Amazon. I'm a daily Soylent drinker, this stuff changed my life. The Java ones are best in my opinion.
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In case you didn't see, Soylent came out with flavored versions yesterday. Apparently the fruity one ("nectar") tastes like fruit loops and the cacao one is not too sweet (in a nice way). There's also the coffee-flavored (and caffeinated) Coffiest, from soylent, which is pretty tasty.

As far as actual mixtures, I like a 2:1 mix of soylent and cold-brew coffee concentrate (but I like coffiest more). Outside of that, I haven't tried much, but I have this page of flavoring ideas on a soylent wiki bookmarked. I've also heard excellent things about the Johnny Moo milk flavoring drops in soylent.

Whatever you end up flavoring with, if it's something powdered or solid (like the jam), I'd look into trying a better mixing solution like a battery-powered vortex mixer or maybe a blender bottle (if it's not too thick for that). Buying a blender would work also, but seems like overkill.
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Ooops, I'm sorry, just saw your note about the flavored versions. My mistake!
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