1970s mail-order cosmetics - company name?
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In the 1970s there were ads in the back of magazines like Teen or Seventeen for a company that sold lip gloss and I think eye shadow etc., only by mail. The lip gloss came in cute little tubs, and I think they had a logo that had something to do with ladybugs, bumblebees, or butterflies. In middle school I became something like a sales rep and sold the items to my friends in order to get a discount for myself or perhaps free products. It was definitely not a big company like Avon or Mary Kay. Does this ring a bell for anyone? My sister and I are going crazy trying to remember!
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I think that might have been Cosmetique - who are still around!
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No, that doesn't sound familiar. I think it was much "cutesier," appealing to tweens/teens.
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Was it Village Lip Lickers? It looks like they may have been lip gloss only, though.
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It wasn't "Burt's Bees", was it? I do not think they were around that early but could be wrong.
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Nope, neither of those. The lip gloss came in tiny adorable round pots.
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ARGH. This rings the vaguest possible bell and I am sure it will keep me up tonight. If I remember more I will let you know.
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I'm almost positive that was called Butterfly Cosmetics. It was a monthly thing, like a record club, but for makeup. Alas, I can't seem to find any reference to it on the web.
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Nope, that's not it either! I'm sure I will recognize the name when I see it....
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It wasn't Rachel Perry, was it?
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If you have high school friends on Facebook, post there and ask. It's weird what snippets of life are remembered, and maybe they can help.
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Sounds like Yardley to me.
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The lip glosses came in little pots and were called Pots of Gloss, and the lipsticks were called Yardley Lip Licks and Yardley Lip Slickers.
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And there were Yardley Mixis Finger Mix Eyeshadows. Whether or not this is the right answer for you, thanks for the trip down vintage makeup lane.
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Wasn't Yardley! It was a tiny outfit.
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I was probably the only person who bought them! ;) I remember they actually called me on the phone (a big deal back then!) to ask me how I was so successful at selling.
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Maybe the RealGirl line by Tussy? It had a butterfly.
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No. I have the letter "D" on the brain....
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I *so* remember the ads you are talking about! They were smallish, usually black-and-white, and in the back pages of 'Teen magazine. I seem to recall the logo (and perhaps tiny pots of lip gloss and eyeshadow packages) featuring what looked like a line-drawn ladybug with huge eyes. I'm now on a mission to find this company...
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Oh my God, I know the exact ladybug you are talking about but I cannot remember the name of this company. I am a woman on a mission now.
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I believe it was 'Butterfly Collection".
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Merle Norman? Man, I feel old.
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Can you narrow down the 1970s to a specific couple of years? I am going to look through old issues of Teen and Seventeen magazine.
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It was not Butterfly Collection or Merle Norman.

I think it would have been around 1975-ish, give or take?
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Perhaps some of these images that come up on Pinterest searches for 1970s makeup pots and 1970s makeup teens will ring a bell.
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I don't see it, but WOW do those ads bring back memories!
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Could it have been Mary Quant?
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No, it wasn't a well-known name.
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The other way to go about this is to find old copies of Teen or Seventeen and look through the ads. Maybe archive.org has digitized copies, or your local library.
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Napoleonic has my same idea... Are any of those old magazines available scanned in anywhere?
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Wow. This isn't a winner but MAN. Amazing time capsule!!
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Wow is right—that brings back such memories!
(And no, not Dura-gloss.)
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There aren't many digitized copies on archives.org, but I am going to go through my issues from '75 and will check back in.
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Srsly this is all I care about right now since January is the cruelest month and I need a reason to keep keepin' on.
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I'm loving everyone's enthusiasm!
I keep thinking it's something cutesy very like "Doodle Bug," but I could well be wrong....
(Does everyone also remember Bonne Bell—I used to clean my face with Ten-O-Six every day! And remember Love's Baby Soft and Love's Fresh Lemon! And Long 'n' Silky conditioner, then Short 'n' Sassy.)
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And big fat Lip Smackers in a candy cane container every Christmas!

And Body on Tap!

[cue 70's spiral]
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I spent hours last night searching and couldn't find anything, but there's an amazing treasure trove of nostalgia on Pinterest that was really fun to go through!

Some questions:
Was this makeup only direct sales? Could you only buy it via a sales rep, or was it mail-order OR sales rep?
Was this company only geared to teen girls?
What region of the country were you in when you sold these? Any memories of whether they were a west or east coast company?
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It was available only by direct sale. I believe the ad had you send for a catalog, then you ordered from there. It was definitely just for tweens/teens. I grew up outside of Boston and have no idea where the company was located!
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Flame Glo is another name that I haven't seen come up yet. I grew up in the same area as you at about the same time and my sister and I are going nuts trying to figure this out. Mary Quant doesn't fit some of your criteria but it was mail order makeup.
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It was such a big deal in those days to order something through the mail! My mom would write a check for us and we would pay her back with our babysitting money. Then a PACKAGE would arrive—such excitement!
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DuBarry had a teen line called "Playthings." I'm still researching whether it was sold via direct order, but since you think the company started with a D, I'm throwing this out there early.

Playthings ad 1, Playthings ad 2
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Not DuBarry.
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Now I'm going to be thinking about the cosmetics of my formative years - Flame Glo! That brings me back!

Long shot, but I remember a line of cosmetics that very briefly came out called "Kiss And Love Me" marketed as one of the first upscale makeup lines targeted at teens. (And having what must have been the silliest brand name ever.) When I did a search, about all I could find was this Pinterest post. Could that be it?

Very much enjoying this trip down memory lane!
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Nope, not that either!
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Vaguely winglike and I don't think it was mail order, but right time period: Tinkerbell?
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No, I'm almost positive it was a ladybug. Definitely not Tinkerbell!
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I'm still searching the recesses of my mind (before I actually start searching through the piles of bankers boxes in my basement for my old issues of 'Teen magazine) for this product. In the meantime, mentions of Body on Tap and such led me to this nostalgic piece that y'all might enjoy.
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I'm going to my childhood home next week, and I still have a small stack of late 1970s-era Teen and Seventeen magazines. I'll try to check.
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If there's still no resolution, how about reaching out to this woman I found while doing this search, Marilyn, who blogs and wrote this about the Bonne Bell sample boxes:

"Since I was an avid teen fashion magazine reader, I was especially engrossed by the advertisements. I loved when companies had special mail-in offers -so enticing! Of course you had to mail in the clipped coupon with your 50 cents or one dollar, and then wait five weeks for delivery; there was a lot of waiting around with resigned anticipation. Definitely not much instant gratification back then. But when the samples finally arrived it was fantastic!"

Seems like she has to remember your mail-order company, right?! Here's her email address that I got listed on the blog: marilyn@finnfemme.com. If you do reach out to her, please come and let us know the results.
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I will send her an email right now! Thanks!
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Please report back, if you would!
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There was something called "World of Beauty Club" with Beauty Profile Stamps

That probably isn't it- I hope the answer is found soon!
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No, it wasn't a club.
I sent that email—let's see if she comes through! I'll definitely let you all know.
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A month later, and I'm terribly curious. Did you hear back?
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yes- me too!!
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Me three!
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Me four!
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Haven't heard a thing! Sigh. Anyone else have an idea?
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I posted on FB—not a nibble! :( If anyone else wants to post a link to this question on their own FB page, feel free!
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Wouldnposting somewhere makeup focused like Makeup Alley possibly help? I haven't spent much time there in forever, so it may skew too young to help, but maybe?
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I have a button from this company. I don't know how to work google image search, tho. And it might not even be anywhere anyway. Posted a link to the picture on my Pinterest, but where is it now?

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Thanks, Instamatic—I somehow didn't get notified that you'd responded. I have never heard of Makeup Alley, but I will take a look!

Meanwhile, Gemgrrl sent me the link to her Pinterest, and I took a screenshot, but I can't figure out how to share it here—any ideas? In any event, I do believe the little critter on it is the one! She thinks perhaps the company was called Love Bug, and that just might have been it!
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You can upload it to imgur for free and post the link here.
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OK, thanks! Here it is:
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I have a business Facebook page & I just posted my little pic of the button, which I boosted to a VERY specific audience: women in the USA between the ages of 53 & 64. I'm out 15 bucks on this experiment, so I'm really hoping someone out there can put our collective minds to rest!
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Thanks—fingers crossed!
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Final update from the OP:
Many thanks to a reader who solved the mystery! The company was Chelsea, based in Scituate Harbor, Mass.

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