Less expensive dog teeth cleaning options in Seattle
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Where can I go to get my dog's teeth cleaned in Seattle without completely blowing my budget?

It cost me a couple hundred dollars to establish care at Northwest Veterinary Hospital so I could get my dog's teeth cleaned, but then they quoted me ~$700 for the procedure (just a standard cleaning with no planned extractions). This is more than twice the most I've ever paid to have her teeth cleaned and is way beyond my means. Are there any places around that are less expensive and, preferably, would accept the physical/bloodwork done at Northwest rather than having to also pay for that again? I'm in Wallingford but I'm willing to drive out of town to not pay this much.
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All the Best does anesthesia free teeth cleaning, which cuts out a lot of the expense. My senior dog isn't calm enough for this option so I haven't tried it, but I did read some positive reviews of it.

I just moved from Seattle, but when I lived there I went to Aurora Veterinary Clinic and found their prices to be super competitive and they're top notch (if you can ignore the awful location). Might be worth price shopping there. They accepted blood work from another vet when prescribing meds, which I appreciated, but I have a feeling you're stuck paying for the physical and bloodwork because I've had to do that within 30 days of a teeth cleaning every time.
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Rereading, it sounds like the last physical/bloodwork might be within 30 days, so my last caveat might not apply. Good luck!
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My friend went to "vets for less" and it cost less, but it's riskier because they cut costs by doing less testing, iirc. Also they sent the animal home pretty drugged up.
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Please don't opt for anesthesia-free dental "cleaning". Informative article here from the American Veterinary Dental College on the risks vs benefits of that procedure.
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Cheaper isn't better. Perhaps apply for CareCredit or save until you can have it done at your vet with proper monitoring, full mouth x-rays and a good anesthetic protocol. Mismanaged anesthesia can lead to lifelong complications and there is very little benefit to having a super budget dental done, since it often means no x-rays are done and the actual vet has minimal involvement.

And yes, DO NOT OPT for anesthesia-free, it's unethical and a waste of your money. Simply cleaning the teeth has minimal actual benefit, it's the x-rays and proper oral exam including probing the gum margins that actually have the most benefit to your pet's oral health. Bad teeth can cause major problems, including shortening lifespans, cheaper really isn't better here.
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Urban Animal down in Capitol Hill was up to half as expensive as Northwest for teeth cleaning when it comes to cats, at least, so you could try them. I don't know if they'd accept the bloodwork but you could call and ask.
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Oh--and I should mention that we've had at least four cat teeth cleanings at Urban Animal. Additionally, they were not comfortable with teeth cleaning one of our cats until he lost a few pounds, because of the strain the anesthesia would put on his heart, but after we put him on a wet food only diet and accomplished that we had his teeth cleaned there without issue. I mention that so you know that they're not just running the animals through some sort of teeth cleaning chop shop.
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I called Urban Animal and they quoted me ~$200 pending the physical exam (which is $50) and they said they'd accept the bloodwork from Northwest. It also occurred to me that Companion Pet Clinic (where I've taken her before) might do it, so I called them too and they quoted ~$300. Thanks y'all!
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