Recommendations for prepaid landline long distance?
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I've done the searching and found possibilities for prepaid landline long distance services, but would like to know about your experience and recommendations before I buy. Thanks!
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I have had MagicJack+ for several years. I don't know what their yearly rate is now, because I bought 5 years of service at $20/year. Nobody else even comes close to that. Their customer service is the absolute pits, which mattered the first few years because the hardware was unreliable. The device cost another $20, and replacing it after a lightning strike killed it was full price. That was about 4 years ago. Since then, it's been problem-free. Sound quality is fair to good. The voicemail system sends an audio file to your email. Calling anywhere in the US and Canada is free. If you travel, you can take the small device with you and make and receive calls from wherever you are, even overseas. If you do that, I think you have to connect the device to high-speed internet using a computer (you have to do that at initial home setup, but once connected, it doesn't need the computer any more.) I have not used the MJ when traveling.
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Not quite know what you're talking about. I've used many of the offerings at phone card on which enable cheap long-distance, but on an existing land line. Things to look for are cards for your frequently-called destination, and a gotcha can be earlier-than-anticipated expiration.
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give AT&T Wireless Home Phone a look......
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