What do your kids watch?
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What does your 7/8/9 yo kid watch on Netflix or Amazon?

Young Gnutron is a precocious 7yo that loves her some TV. She tends to get obsessed with one single show and has a hard time branching out. Favorite past shows include: Just Add Magic, Annedroids, H20, Teen Titans Go, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Kids Baking Championship. Now she's onto Phineas and Ferb, which is not horrible but slighly more mindless then we'd like.

Please suggest some semi-educational or otherwise decent shows! Netflix preferred. We watch through Roku.
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Myth busters and the White Rabbit project.

Fresh Prince of Bel air

How to train your dragon spin offs
Avengers and spin offs


Planet Earth and the Blue Planet
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The new "cosmos". How it's made. Frontier woman. Basically any science show on pbs. "It's ok to be smart"
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Oh and 2nding planet earth.
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Kung Fu Panda, Mythbusters, Man Vs Child (cooking competition)
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The Avatar series (the animated one, not the film) and the sequel Legend of Korra. Well done at every level: per-show story, over-all multi-seasonal story arc, strong female characters.
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My 8-yo watches Futurama, Digimon Fusion, the first two Star Trek series, Pokemon XY, Bob Ross, and Legend of Korra.
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Oh, also, for a precocious kid into science: Bill Nye the Science Guy, PBS Nature and NOVA docs. The aforementioned Cosmos might be a bit advanced but she might get sucked in because it's beautiful to watch and NdT is so great.
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These are shows and movies my 6 and 9 year olds have enjoyed:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Good Eats
Invisible Sister
Great British Baking Show
Home (both movie and show)
Scooby Doo
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2nding Futurama. Bonus: a child that does a passable Nixon impression. Arooooo!
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If she liked the Kids baking championship, there are other food shows that are good. The Great British Bake Off and Good Eats are one my food-show-loving kid enjoys. Seconding Cosmos and Planet Earth as the next step up from Wild Kratts. Clone Wars and Rebels are surprisingly good Star Wars offshoots if she likes that world; it's not educational but there's more to think about and discuss than in Phineas and Ferb.
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Old episodes of "Amazing Race," endlessly.
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My 8-year-old is pretty obsessed with "Brain Games" right now, which come in 30 minute episodes and look at how our brains work in different situations.

Here's a better description: "Host Jason Silva reveals how brains process information related to topics like stress, addiction, competition, food, trust and language. Interactive games and hidden-camera experiments capture hilarious and shocking results, and viewers get real-world takeaways -- how to improve memory, get a better night's sleep, make more money -- to use in everyday situations."

It's geared towards a general audience, so kids like it but my husband and I end up watching it with him a lot. They have little games and tests throughout to help demonstrate points, so it's fun.
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Gordimer Gibbon's life on normal street
Adventure time
Bob's Burgers
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Oh my gosh, I kind of loved Phineas and Ferb when my son was watching it, it had moments of hilarity that I don't usually get from the other shows he watches. He recently finished watching every P&F episode available and he's moved on Netflix's Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, which he likes, but I can't attest to quality because I haven't been paying a ton of attention to it. It involves time travel, so kids can pick up some history learnin'.
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Young Gnutron may be on the cusp of aging out of it but Young Range was a similar kid and loved Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman at about that age.
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Peg+Cat and Odd Squad are popular in our house
on Saturday mornings they get to watch Alien Monkeys and Larva which are heavy on toilet humor and slapstick but are really, really funny
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Mighty Med. It's about a secret hospital for super heroes.
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Axe Cop.

Oh my god, they need to watch Axe Cop.
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King Julian
Just Add Magic
Star v. The Forces of Evil (which I think is only on Disney but maybe not)
Over the Garden Wall (all eps on the Cartoon Channel site)
Puss n Boots
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My 7 yo girl is or has been obsessed with...

-Kickin' It (this one makes my 36 yo self chuckle out loud frequently)
-A.N.T. Farm
-Mona the Vampire (sadly no longer on Netflix but it's available for download elsewhere & some eps are on YouTube)
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My almost-nine-year-old likes Project Runway Junior, Liv and Maddy, and Girl Meets World. In terms of educational content, Project Runway Junior is probably the best of those, but the other two are fairly wholesome.
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9yo -- loads of Doctor Who. ("I started Doctor Who when I was seven. I think she'd be ready.") The Simpsons. Steven Universe (daughter, overseeing this: "It is the best animated show in the world."). Some Family Guy and Bob's Burgers with me. Nature documentaries. Adventure Time. There was a Brady Bunch phase, and one for old teevee Nancy Drews. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. SheZow (props to the more crazed right-wingers for alerting me to that). Harry Potter. Futurama, as well. Project Mc². Ever After High ("she's about the age where she'd be in that phase"). Sam & Cat. iCarly. Victorious.

We spent quite a lot of time together watching Anne of Green Gables, Emily of New Moon, Road to Avonlea, & Wind at my Back -- Canadian family dramas with much to be said for them as they hooked both us adults as well as the kid. Worth tracking down through the local library; the DVD sets are stupid-overpriced. But it saw us through a winter where we always wanted to see the next show. She also watched some Survivors with us -- would only recommend as family viewing as there are scary bits, but these are very, very mild compared to modern shows, and when somebody dies the show quickly picks up with people caring for each other rather than reacting badly/dwelling on the death, and all the stuff about trying to re-build technology from the ground up/having to learn subsistence farming/grinding your own flour/etc was quite interesting. Violence is very limited and never graphic. She also watched a fair whack of Gavin & Stacey with us. (The modern version of Survivors and US version of Gavin & Stacey were unwatchable; not recommended even though we loved the originals.)

Also YouTube videos -- reviews and how-tos, mostly, and people acting stuff out with dolls, which she enjoys doing herself on camera. The people acting stuff out with Barbies on YouTube made me wince at first -- until she amped up her narrative and camera skills and started doing some reasonably impressive videos of her own, and then I was all, "Ah. Those were not all mindless time-wasters as I had feared." She's been learning about how to do a storyboard, and some very basic video editing.

(We loved Bill Nye, Pocoyo -- years ago, and How to Train Your Dragon, and a show called Prehistoric Park, but those are all outgrown now. It is long outgrown but my favourite kids' show was probably a 90s BBC thing, on YouTube -- I have no idea what a Roku is so if you can't stream from computer to teevee and YouTube-able stuff is not what you want, apologies! -- called "Come Outside." A lovely gentle documentary for kiddies. Auntie Mabel and her dog visit various places, and find out about the background of everything from potato chips to sewage. Even I watched with interest...)
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