What is there to do in Boston tomorrow night?
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I land at Boston Logan at 5 pm Friday night and have nothing to do until Saturday morning. What is there to do in Boston this Friday night?

I do not know the city very much at all. I am looking for something that will be compatible with my solo status and vaguely introverted mood – maybe visiting a bookstore, or going to some sort of upscale indoor flea market to buy interesting gifts (my sense is that Faneuil Hall doesn’t qualify – too much food and touristy trinkets), or visiting an interesting museum. Any thoughts? Due to the weather (predicted: 15 degrees and snowing), my guess is that I will mostly want to stay inside, so visiting "shopping districts" and hopping from store to store is sub-optimal.
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Best answer: If you like Italian food, they just opened an Eataly at the Prudential Center. I haven't been yet, and I'm told it's currently a madhouse, but it might be worth checking out. I've heard reviews of other locations that were from "the most amazing food experience ever" to "the Walmart of food courts." so YMMV. I plan on going some day after the holiday crowds go away.
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Seconding Eataly! If you want to stay indoors at the Pru there's a cultural survival bazaar and a Barnes & Noble. Or you could walk over to Newbury St - tons of shopping and a few bookstores there.

There's a Holiday Stroll in the Fort Point neighborhood if you decide to brave the cold. Lots of shopping and snacking options!
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The Boston Calendar is an events aggregator - take a look there and see if there's anything you're interested in.
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I really like the new Boston Public Market. It's indoors, and has a mix of cafes and food stores.
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It's going to be sub-zero cold here tomorrow, so indoors is a lot better than any outdoor activity. Personally, I am waiting until after the holidays to check out Eataly, but why the hell not!
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Where are you staying? That might inform recommendations that will minimize your time outside (which I agree is a good idea; we're moving into dangerously cold levels tomorrow.)

lorimt's suggestion of the Boston Public Market is a good one, it's directly accessible via the subway so you don't really need to be outside. It's on the pricey side (a lot of upscale food stuff), but there are plenty of places there to either browse for gifts or get coffee/dinner/whatever you might want and just sit and relax for a bit.
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Go into Cambridge on the T (easy trip), see It's a Wonderful Life at the Brattle.
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If you go to Harvard Square, the craft fair there is pretty great and right around the corner from the movie theater and plenty of good eating.
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I agree that knowing where you are staying would be helpful for suggestions. In addition to The Boston Calendar, here's Bostinno's event calendar: http://bostinno.streetwise.co/events/
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I'd agree with the Boston Public Market and Eataly suggestions. Public Market is the upscale flea market for gifts that you are looking for, and has all local stuff. The Brattle Book Shop in downtown crossing unfortunately closes at 5:30, but Commonwealth Books is open until 7 I believe and is a close second for a good used book store experience. Good Boston museums are also mostly closed by this time.
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