How to relieve alot of pain from stomach massage?
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ice or heat pad i guess ? Really sore stomach after stomach massage to encourage blood flow and bowel movement i couldnt sleep i was nearly in tears its inflamed from chronic migraines and rock hard. Im on a special diet Paleo since today by a Naturopath so i dont know if tynenol is allowed . it feels better than before it s common sense to use ice etc but i wasnt sure ive never had stomach massage before.

I do have gag reflex so i cant take iburprofen ive tried
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I've never had a stomach massage, but I know my massage therapist always says to use heat if I am sore afterwards. Specifically, moist heat, so a hot water bottle (or even a hot shower) is better than a heating pad. But a heating pad is better than nothing, or cold skin.
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yeh I just eventually found that out about hot water bottle etc on a google search
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Are you constipated?
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Rock hard sounds like a red flag to me. Can you see a doctor?
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Im on a special diet Paleo since today by a Naturopath so i dont know if tynenol is allowed.

Uh, yeah, sure, take some tylenol. You shouldn't check with your naturopath before you take over the counter medicines. If your Naturopath says you're not supposed to take modern medicines that are proven to work for pain relief because of your diet, you need to reevaluate that relationship. (I'm not railing against special diets: diets that deviate from the norm are fine as long as you're getting nutrition and feel good...but those diets shouldn't interfere with your day to day life or wellbeing).

As with almost every ailment described on the internet, there are several things this could be in a pretty wide swath of severity.

Real Doctor time.
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See a doctor, but in the interim, a heating pad should relieve the discomfort.
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This might also be appendicitis, which will need medical intervention.
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Please go to a doctor.
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A rigid belly can be a very bad sign. You definitely need to see a doctor about this asap.

Signed, mum who almost lost her eldest child after the first ER doctor missed appendicitis.
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Your abdomen should not be rock hard. Go to the ER.
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Everybody makes mistakes, including doctors and massage therapists. They just can't know everything; there's so much to know, about you, about your individual body, about every single thing you've experienced, about all the possible conditions and treatments in the world. They know a lot, but they can't know everything, and so not everything they do is 100% successful.

Do see another doctor as soon as possible. This could be something really bad. It could just be more normal digestive issues, but it's worth having treated. Especially if you're in such severe pain; that will interfere with your ability to work or do other things.

I've found that very warm baths help, too, if you can do that. Just make a plan in case you start to pass out; you don't want to accidentally drown.
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Please see a doctor immediately. Go to the emergency room or urgent care. You should not be near tears from a massage. This is not normal.
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Rock hard abdomen can be a sign of internal bleeding. Coupled with the pain and the fact that a stomach massage would be pressing on internal organs, your "therapist" could have done damage. Please get it checked out.
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Do not waste time with heat or ice treatments or medication. If you are bleeding internally or have appendicitis, you could die. Please get medical treatment right away.
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Go to the ER right now. Abdominal rigidity can be a sign of serious infection (like a burst appendix) that will kill you if it isn't treated. Seriously, call 911 or get someone to drive you to the hospital immediately.
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1. If your stomach is rigid, please immediately see a doctor, or go to urgent care or the ER.

2. You mention not being sure whether Tylenol is "allowed" due to a restricted diet you are taking under the guidance of a naturopath. I know from your previous activity here that you have schizophrenia, and I am concerned that you may have discontinued medication for that condition due to this diet. Please raise that with the doctor when you see them. Apologies if I am overstepping here.
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Nthing the recommendations to seek emergency care immediately. I nearly died from peritonitis a number of years back because I delayed going to the hospital. At the time I had a rigid abdomen and was in a good deal of pain. I learned from that experience that pain in the abdomen may be nothing but can be something extremely serious, and the only way to find out is to go to a hospital.
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I can't stop thinking about you. It's none of our business, but I hope you are okay.
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I am still wondering about you and hoping you are okay.
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