Free software recommendation for photo mosaic
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Can you recommend free software for creating photo mosaics (or gimp plugins)? (Windows or Linux)

I do not want to use an online service.
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I use Layout on my phone if you need something mobile ever.
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Response by poster: To clarify, I'm talking about a Photo Mosaic as in an image divided into sections and then each section is replaced by a smaller image. Thus the resulting image appears to look like the original image, but is actually made up of many smaller images.

Here is a large example (4.3MB in case anyone is data conscious)
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Best answer: I have used AndreaMosaic to great effect. It can handle large numbers of images. There are lots of settings to tweak to get the results you want: e.g. by default it tints images to get 'better' mosaics but you can turn that off.
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Best answer: I use good old-fashioned Metapixel. A good source of images on certain Linux systems is in .cache/friends/avatars, where you'll find thousands of tiny images
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