Can anyone ID this steel shelf support clip?
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I have a bunch of industrial shelving and I'm running out of clips to put it up with. I believe these are Edsal clips--they look similar to some of the Edsal clips I've seen online, and some of the clips have a letter "E" on them. I know there are similar clips out there where the support part isn't a nice right angle like these, but those will not work for my shelves. I need clips that are basically identical to these. Pics.
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Not much help here. But does the manufacturer have a website?
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I bet someone at /r/whatisthisthing/ can put a finger on it.
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For missing or replacement parts please contact ;-)
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Have you tried the "shelf-clip identifier" at*

This one looks close.

* Yes that's a thing.
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Looks like an Edsal FeatureLine shelving KwikKlip, going from Edsal's assembly instructions (pdf) for that product.
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From their contact page, "For missing or replacement parts please contact"
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Edsal Manufacturing Company, Inc.
1555 West 44th St.
Chicago, Illinois 60609

PHONE: 773-254-0600
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