Reliable Computer Repair Shop in Brooklyn, The Bronx or Manhattan
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a computer repair shop ideally in Brooklyn, The Bronx or Manhattan?

My PC was having an issue where it would spontaneously turn itself off and I thought the power supply might be going. I bought a replacement power supply and now the computer won't turn on at all, so I obviously did something wrong. I have always been able to repair my computer myself, so I have zero experience with repair shops.

I am open to placing a Mefi Jobs post if that is the best plan, but what would be an acceptable rate for this kind of work?
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A friend in Manhattan says this PC-only shop has been there for years: Advance Computech.

(he's never used it because he's a Mac guy).
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I see a number of places on Yelp that have a fairly large number of positive reviews. At least a few of those were in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Didn't check the Bronx. The power supply was a good bet. Your problem may be a missing or loose cable.

If you've self-built the machine, and it has the little jumpers at one corner for the speaker, reset switch, power button, etc., and you've disconnected those for any reason, make sure the cable that's actually plugged in is power. Then try reversing that one cable. If that one's wrong, the PC won't do anything at all.

On very old motherboards, there is a separate four pin connector that needs to be connected separate from the larger 20 pin connector. Make sure that's seated right. Other than that, make sure all your cables are seated properly and plugged in the right direction (and not reversed).

Does the motherboard or computer do anything at all? Fans briefly start and then stop, beep, anything like that?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the possible tips cnc - I'll make sure all my cables are plugged in the right way.

grumble, grumble - they should only be able to connect one way - grumble some more.

Absolutely nothing happens when I try and turn it on, no fans, no beeping, zilch.
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