atomchip real or hoax?
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Is the atom chip vaporware?

A few months ago there was a great deal of speculation about whether the quantum-optical computers from were real or a hoax. They are supposed to be presenting their product at the current CES 2006, but I can not find any coverage. Does anyone have any new infromation?
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Gizmodo has some coverage here.
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They are certainly not producing a quantum computer in the sense of a computer that uses entanglement to solve deep problems in polynomial or constant time. They do claim to be making a Quantum® Processor, i.e., they're using "Quantum" as a trademark. But it's no more a quantum computer than an Apple computer is made of fruit.

They also make reference to quantum-optical memory (without a ®). I have no idea what that is, but it's at least somewhat misleading.
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also some pretty pics here.
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Seems like they've been "unveiling" this technology about once a year for a while now. (See also a mefi post earlier this year.) Every single thing about the way this is presented screams hoax to me.
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