Can you spot the Keith?
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I was asked to write a short biography of Keith Emerson and while doing some research came across this rather awesome picture from 1967 showing band members from The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Move, The Nice (with Emerson), Pink Floyd, Amen Corner and others during a package tour of the UK.

(here is also the poster and tour dates) - but while I can recognize members of Pink Floyd and of course the Jimi Hendrix Experience, I'm not sure about then 23-years old Keith. Is he the smiling guy behind the left shoulder of Jimi Hendrix? Or maybe the guy at the bottom left of the picture? Is he in the picture at all?
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He's at bottom right.
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The very bottom right is Roger Waters and the half-face behind him looks like Marc Bolan (T-Rex).
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I'll look into it more in a bit, but my guess right now is the leftmost of the three top heads.
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Pretty sure The Nice are the three to the left of Hendrix with Keith on the far left.
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The two people left of Hendrix are Mitch Mitchell and Nick Mason surely? 3rd left seems to have the wrong hair for Emerson.
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If this might help, in this link is a picture of a very young Keith Emerson (second from left) which leads me to guess he's in the bottom left of your picture, behind the guy with the curly hair who us half out of the shot.

(Sorry the link isn't formatted, but I'm on an iPad.)
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Mr. Vitabellosi thinks it's the guy in the upper upper right, with his head cut off at the top and his shadow on the wall.
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Are you sure it's not the smiling chap standing between Jimi Hendrix and Roy Wood?
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At least we can all agree it's not the one in the hat.
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The Pink Floyd are the bottom right corner.Nick Mason in frilly shirt next to Hendrix, Roger Waters filling the otto corner, Syd peeping from directly behind him and Richard Wright squinty eyed and wearing a neck kerchief behind Syd. With almost all certainty,Keith Emerson is the guy with the big smle directly behind Hendrix's left shoulder, between and behind he and Nick Mason.

Here's that same smile again on an older version of him.

It's hard to find images of him where he's smiling and that was the give away.
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actually, i'm wrong about where Nick Mason is in the photo, he's to our left of Mitch Mitchell. so i give up.
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But there are two #26s.
the image has a 27 so presumably the second 26 is a typo for 27.
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Response by poster: I'm going with "The Nice are not pictured", also because on further scrutiny I can't make out any Nice member, besides Emerson. Thanks everybody!
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Yeah, as per vitabellosi's link, the guy in the "frilly shirt next to Hendrix" is Carl Wayne & "the guy with the big smle directly behind Hendrix's left shoulder" is definitely Bev Bevan, both of The Move.
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