Comfortable, good quality, quiet-soled slippers.
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I'm looking for a pair of comfortable, women's slippers that don't have a clunky or stiff sole.

Preferably walking in them will be as quiet as walking in socks, but I will settle for as close to that as possible. A lot of slippers are as loud as shoes are, and I worry about disturbing the people below me. I won't ever be wearing these out of doors so the soles don't need to be thick or durable. They do need to be an actual slip on slipper though, since I will step in and out of them many times a day. I don't want anything around the heel. They don't need to be especially warm, but warm enough to protect the bottom of my feet from my very cold floors. I am hoping to not spend more than $50 on these. Thank you.
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I have these Muji slippers, and I find them awesome and quiet. They have leather soles, and have lasted about 2 years now. (although I probably should replace them at this point)
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I came across this Restoraton Hardwear Luxury Plush Slipper while shopping for some down booties. They seem to fit the bill and they're $18. They also have a couple other options.
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I adore felted wool slippers like these. You can browse etsy for a wide variety of them.
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I use these Sorel Falcon Ridge slippers and they have a soft rubber sole. Super warm too!
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Glerups booties are outrageously good slippers- comfy, warm, durable, soft-soled, wool but not itchy (I like them best worn over socks though). They're a little more supportive than most slippers but not restrictive. Oh, they are so good. I love them so much that I bring them to wear at other people's houses and if I don't, I regret it.
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I dig the Giesswein boiled slippers. (pronounced "GEESE-vine.') Made in Germany! They are initially expensive, but you'll get your cost-per-wear from them in no time.
I have these. The soles are neither clunky nor stiff, and are quiet in the house, And, penguins!
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Oh- I missed "no heel". Glerups makes slip-ons, too.
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I wear leather moccasins with a leather sole, and no lining.
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L.L. Bean Wicked Good Slippers.

They know from slippers. They also know customer service.
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They're more than your price range, but I have a pair of Haflingers and I love love love them. They're felted wool, have a firm, supportive but not stiff sole. They're warm in winter and relatively cool in summer, but my feet never sweat in them.
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I too own a pair of Haflingers that I love. Mine have the indoor sole, which is felt, with a thin layer of rubbery stuff, like a coat of paint, not like a rubber sole. They are virtually silent, and super comfy.
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I've been ordering these Minnetonka Moccasins Kilty Softsoles since my daughters were in grade school. Simple, no faux woolly lining, no plastic soles or heels, just warm leather goodness.
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Seconding the recommendation for the Halflinger slippers with wool sole. They're above your price range but will easily outlast two pairs of cheaper slippers and are soft and quiet and comfortable. They also come in patterns other than coffee. Mine have cupcakes!
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Fourthing the Haflingers. The best I've ever had. Tip: never get the soles wet.
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Macy's has some cute ones on sale.
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