How safe is Carolina/San Juan, Puerto Rico?
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I am going to an April wedding at the Marriott Courtyard in Carolina, Puerto Rico. I can stay at the hotel if that's the best option, but I did see some neat-looking Airbnbs that are in the walkable area of the hotel. How safe is this area of Puerto Rico?

We are two women, and reasonably street-smart New Yorkers, but we will probably be easily recognized as tourists in our party dresses and beach clothes. I'm less concerned about, say, pickpocketing and more about violent crime.
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Are you thinking of staying right there, North of the airport? That would be fine. Farther into Punta Las Marias can be variable, but right there is a tourist area and you shouldn't have a problem.
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Any of the area from El Palmar east to the airport is fine and I'd feel comfortable there at pretty much all hours. Its quite touristy. If you want to be extra cautious, just use cabs late at night. I've actually never been east of the Marriott, but it doesn't seem like a dodgy area.

If you go further into Punta Las Marias, I'd stay on the ocean side of Rt 37 where I would feel pretty comfortable walking around there. South of 37, in Residencial Llorens Torres, it is quite sketchy and I'd avoid that area even during the day, but especially at night. In any event, the bad area is probably at least a half hour walk, so I'm assuming you aren't even considering anything that far.
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