Save my old ball cap.
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I have an old ball cap that I love. I've had it for about eight years, and now it's getting too tight to wear, which makes me woe-begotten. Any tips/magic/old recipes to make an old hat stretch out a bit without destroying it? I don't want to replace it.
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Find something round-ish enough to simulate your noggin, wet the hat and s t r e t c h it over your head-model until it dries. It might just fit after that. Is the hat made from standard hat-material?
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And this wouldn't have anything to do with the Red Sox, now, would it?
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Hats dry quickly enough to just put it on wet and wear it until it dries (especially since your head is, likely, quite warm). I've done this once or twice, since my head is a little too big for a once-shrunken size M hat, but too small for an unshrunken one. So I sometimes have to shrink-and-stretch.
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You could get a hat stretcher. I came across a bunch of them on eBay while looking for fedoras yesterday.
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Sorry I can't help, but: woebegone.
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