Broken Windows, is there a glazier in the house?
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For the past 5 years or so, I have used Ubuntu Linux of various incarnations almost all the time. My laptop currently has Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed "on top" of Windows 7, so that it is dual boot, but Ubuntu uses the Windows filesystem so there is only one partition. I always have kept Windows 7 around for the odd thing that requires it.

Now, I need to use it, but when I boot into Windows, it does not accept the password for my user account, which has administrator privileges. Because I have ignored it most of the time, my Windows skills are very rusty. What can I do to get in and repair my user account so I can boot in and use Windows when I need to.
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I've had success with Kon-boot. (Unfortunately no longer free unless your version of Win7 is 32bit.) This won't reveal or remind you of the old password, just get you in. Then I had to create another admin user, and use that to change the password. Konboot can also get you to an Admin command line, and I'd assume there's a googleable method from there.
Or, if you know the likely complexity of your password, and/or would like to know what it was, Ophcrack (installed under Ubuntu) with the relevant (Vista) rainbow table might get it for you.
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I've used the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor with great success numerous times on Windows versions XP through to 10. It is free. You need to be able to make a bootable optical disk or USB drive.
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You can also change the Windows passwords directly from Ubuntu using the chntpw command, see e.g. for an example of its use. (Although I personally have always used ntpasswd as described by sockpup above for these kind of things)
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