Corned beef by the bay
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FoodFilter: A dear friend of mine just moved to the Bay Area. He happens to be absolutely crazy about Reubens. But where can he get one now that he has moved?! Bay Area MeFites—can you hook a Reuben connoisseur up with your favorite spots for corned beef in the Bay? San Francisco preferred, but he works in Palo Alto.
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The Palo Alto Creamery at 566 Emerson Street does a Reuben.
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Saul's in Berkeley
Wise Sons SF
Miller's SF
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Best answer: The Refuge in San Carlos definitely has a following. I made it over there once and it was pretty legit - looks like they also have one in Menlo Park, so it could be relatively accessible from work. The one caveat is that they specialize in pastrami, not corned beef.
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I will personally attest to the Noted Industrialist's statements. The Refuge's Reuben is awesome, but I is indeed pastrami.
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Yup. I opened this thread specifically to mention The Refuge.
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If they don't mind going to Oakland, Buttercup Grill has a great reuben.
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Best answer: Wise Sons in particular is east-coast good.
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Max's does rubens but I am not a ruben connoisseur so I don't know how they rate. They're a chain so they can be found in lots of places.
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Best answer: I briefly lived in San Carlos and I am a pastrami connoisseur. I live in LA now. I dream of visiting The Refuge sometime soon, I feel it's a quest.

Nthing The Refuge. I don't believe there's a better answer.
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David's Delicatessen & Restaurant on Geary St.and Miller’s East Coast Deli on Polk in San Francisco.
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The Refuge. Wise Sons is great but not worth the extra distance, parking in the mission, and the very long line.
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I'll grant you the line, but it's only a couple of blocks from a BART station.
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Yeah I opened this thread to reply The Refuge too. It is awesome. Just to add a little context: it's an upscale pub type place, with good wine and beer. Usually crowded, sometimes noisy. No delivery, but they do takeaway. Family friendly. Seriously one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten.
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Best answer: Oh and in case it's not yet clear: there is nothing else in the Bay Area even remotely comparable to The Refuge. The Bay Area is terrible for deli, in general. Here are a few of the places that often get recommended:

-- Max's Opera Cafe serves a massive reuben that tastes a little like fried erasers. I've ordered it twice, wouldn't do it again.

-- Tommy's Joynt is widely loved, I assume for reasons of nostalgia and thrift, but honestly it's gross. Huge servings of mediocre food, and the restaurant itself is dusty and sticky. I have never had their reuben, but I ate other stuff there once and wouldn't go back.

-- Just For You has a reuben which is fine, but in no way interesting or good.

-- The Sentinel sandwich shop is generally great, but makes what is probably the world's worst reuben. I've ordered it twice and both times ended up eating only a bite or two. It's greasy, burnt, flavourless: honestly, totally inedible/disgusting.

Best in the city is probably Ted's Market, which does a warm pastrami on very light rye that is simple and lovely, takeout only. It's delicious, even if you can't eat it right away. Weekdays only, and I call first to make sure they haven't run out.
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For a special occasion, consider ordering him the reuben kit from Zingerman's.
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This is giving me ideas. How about a meetup?
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