How do I hang....
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....this lovely hanging lamp? My husband brought this back from the Middle East and it's been collecting dust for years because I don't know what kind of bracket to buy to hang it! Handypersons of AskMe, please point me in the right direction! Pics here.
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You basically need a hook protruding from the ceiling, that you can hook the loop around. Then the coppery cup-shaped thing is supposed to go as high as it can go and fastened in some way, so it can cover things up.
The kind of hook you need depends on what your ceiling is made of. You may want to ask in your local hardware store.
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Ah, yes, relevant info.... the ceiling is standard drywall over wooden trusses and the decorative 'cup' only just covers the loop you see in the pic. What I want is a bracket that is slightly inverted or flat which also has a hook or bar that I can slide the loop on to. I have no idea what search terms to use.
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If it's got a plug on the end and there's an outlet handy you can install it like desrcibed above - a swag lamp. Usually gets two hooks, one for a loop of wire or wire and chain. If it's meant to be hard wired it goes in a ceiling box, you need a chandelier mount. Same idea but the hook would be concealed and the cup would mount flush to the ceiling and hide everything.
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Purchase a screw collar loop kit. Install it like a chandelier (in particular, see step 8). Connect the loop on the lamp to the screw collar loop with a single link of chain (or a D-ring).
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RichardP, the loop on my lamp unscrews so I think the screw collar loop kit would work perfectly! Hopefully I can just thread my post up the center and screw my loop back on. Fingers crossed! Thank you!
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With a fixture that large you want to keep the loop at each end (join with a quick link) so that the lamp can move (either from someone bumping it or even an earthquake) without breaking off the mount.

If your cap isn't deep enough to do that with RichardP's bracket you can buy a fixture hickey that mounts at the bottom of your box.
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