Perfect women's chunky cardigan?
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I'd like to invest in one good-quality cardigan for the winter. Specs inside!

I'd like to invest in a very warm, well-made cardigan I can wear all the time. Help gratefully accepted!
- Bulky/chunky but not drapey/flowy, preferably with a bit of shape, longer length (appropriate with leggings), with buttons or a belt
- natural fibres (merino, other wool- but not too scratchy!, maybe cotton?)
- machine washable
- warm colours (I look sallow in black) - I think brown or cream would be most versatile... mixed colours would be fine
- shipping to Canada
- I have a VERY casual workplace but would like to look reasonably put-together... weekend wear for other people is probably A-OK for my office (I can get away with hoodies on Fridays)
- in terms of style, I like the look of fisherman and Cowichan sweaters but have never had one. If it helps, I'm outdoorsy and a little granola.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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I bought this one for mrs.chasles22 (the charcoal grey one). She doesnt take it off after November until april. Do not dry it in a hot dryer!!!!!
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LL Bean? They have other options if this one's not what you had in mind.
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Maybe something from WoolOvers? I have a sweater from them and it's well made, albeit a bit scratchy. I believe most of their sweaters are machine washable.
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I've seen a lot of nice chunky sweaters in the National Geographic catalog of all places. They seem to be good quality and not ridiculously expensive.
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maybe this?
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Thanks, everyone- this is a huge help! I'll be warm and stylish in no time.
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