Four Meyer Lemons
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My coworker just brought me four huge meyer lemons. What should I do with them??

I wanted to make limoncello but I'm guessing four isn't enough. I don't typically cook with lemons a lot, and know nothing about these big juicy lemons. Gimme all your recipes! No diet restriction.
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A Lemon Custard Soufflé made with Meyer lemons is pretty damn tasty, and it shows off the special qualities of the Meyer lemons beautifully. The "custard soufflé" style isn't as fiddly as a proper soufflé, so that helps too.

When converting this recipe from conventional lemons to Meyer lemons, you may want to reduce the sugar a smidge.
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They make amazing marmalade (also amazing jalapeno marmalade, which can later be used to make a really great sweet and sour sauce, and it's also incredibly good on baked brie).

Also, it's curd season. Here's my favorite recipe - I do the slow-cooker version.
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huh. so maybe this is a thing (mention of jalapeño marmelade above) - your post reminded me of this recipe which is on my todo list and you could adapt (basically, double up).
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Make lemonade?

Seriously, they make great lemonade. Juice, water, ice, sprinkle of sugar and rock it in a cocktail shaker.
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Add some simple syrup and Amaretto and your have the makings of 8 Amaretto Sours. I've never made them with Meyers Lemons, but I'd try it if I had your lemons.
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If you like white fish, something like this is a good use for one. They make good vinaigrettes. And they pair nicely with olives and chicken.
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You can freeze the juice in ice cube trays and use an lemon cube's worth whenever you need lemon juice for something. Use with nearly anything that calls for lemon or vinegar.

Oh, and candy the peels!
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Also you can drop a lemon cube in water to make water with lemon.
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Pickled Peppers! I've made this recipe many times and it's fantastic.
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You can definitely make limoncello with 4 lemons, you just need to do the "Suspended extraction" technique rather than the "Soak vodka in zest" technique.
Steps detailed here
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I love to use Meyer lemons roasted with veggies. Basically slice pretty thinly into rounds, toss with whatever veggies you like + olive oil, salt, and herbs, and roast until everything is tender. Meyers are more tender and less tart than regular lemons, so they sort of caramelize and get super juicy and amazing. Just be sure to get out any seeds before you toss with everything else.
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I loooove Meyer lemons so I asked this question a few years ago.
They make beautiful preserved lemons, which last FOREVER.
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Shaker Lemon Pie
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Quarter and thinly slice. Cook on a pan with a little bit of sugar and water to make a nice glaze for fish. Use the juice and zest with brown butter to make a subtle sauce for pasta and veggies.
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Once I made lemon cookies with Meyer lemons, using whatever fairly flat and simple lemon cookie recipe off the internet, and filled them with Meyer-lemon-infused cookie cream filling to make Meyer lemon sandwich questions.

This was four or five years ago and I still get "Remember those lemon cookies?" on a semi-regular basis. "You'll let me know if you ever make more, right?" But mostly it's just a wistful "Remember those? They were the best cookies I've ever had in my life..."
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