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Instead of a Christmas gift exchange this year, my mom's small church is doing a cake swap. Each household brings a nice cake, pie, or other dessert, and at the end of the evening there will be a drawing to see who takes which dessert home. She wants a better name than "dessert extravaganza!" Any ideas? They're planning to display things nicely on multi-leveled stands, but any other thoughts on making this more special or entertaining are welcome!
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Secret Santa Cakes
Christmas Cake Swap

To make it more special- have each household include the recipe for how to make the dessert and a brief history of how the recipe came to their family?
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They used to have Cake Walks. The people or the kids would go round and round, and whoever was left standing and couldn't get a seat was timed out, then they would take away another chair. They would play music, then when the music stopped, everyone had to take a seat. The last person got the cake. So if you did it in another way, everyone would win. You have to have as many walkers as you have desserts to start.
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Depending on how small and close the church is (even a medium sized church or one with a turnover wouldn't work), but having them guess who made the dessert they take home would be entertaining, if everyone knew eachother.

You can play off "sweepstakes" and call it "The Great Christmas Sweetstakes", Or something like "Sweets Swap" or "Treat Trade".
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Maybe a Cake Wheel? "Get Your Just Desserts"?

"Cake Walk" may or may not be problematical--- not sure on the veracity of that, but that there's internet sites out there SAYING it is might be enough to shy away from the term.
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The Great Menominee Falls or whatever Bakeoff?
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Sweet Swap.
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'The Desert Extravaganza' is actually an excellent name for this. Unless your mom really hates it.
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Dessert Bazaar
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We've called it the "Dessert Dash." Nice cakes and a few pies, on a nice multi-tiered display. Each table elects a "dasher," and when that table's number is called, that person has a limited amount of time to run up and pick a dessert before the next table number is called. Table numbers can be drawn out of a hat, or based on who wins a game, or based on who donates the most money for a cause, etc.
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Those cakes? They're comin' on the Dessert Bus!

Bonus if you dress up the stands to look like buses.

(Sorry, watched Desert Bus all last week, and reliving the good times.)
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The Take-the-Cake Extravaganza!
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Seconding "Sweet Swap" - also suggesting that people provide a list of ingredients so people can avoid allergens.
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Give & Take & Bake
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Cake swap! It even makes a good chant.

Cake swap! Cake swap! Cake swap!
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Ultime échange de gâteau . via google
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Thanks all! She loved the "Caketacular," and I'm pretty sure is about to start making a wheel for spinning. Several of the other ideas are going to make it into the weekly announcements leading up to the event. :D
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