Best NY Times digital subscription?
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I have received requests for holiday gift ideas from loved ones. Having appreciated the reporting done by the New York Times during the election, I've been considering asking for a digital subscription to the outlet. Can you clarify the advantages of the different subscription types?

The digital subscription site (here) lists three different subscriptions, Times + smartphone apps, Times + tablet apps, and Times + all access. If you are familiar with the options, can you weigh in on the value of each? I currently read articles on their website, so I don't have experience with any of their apps. I have previously paid for the crossword app, so I would like to have access to that going forward.

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That's odd. Those gift plans are the old NYTimes subscription plans. The current digital ones are just "Basic" or "All Access", where a main benefit of "All Access" is that you get an extra subscription.

Crossword is extra even if you have a digital subscription. $20 a year.
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This isn't quite an answer to the question you asked, but check your local library to see what free resources are available. If you live in Los Angeles and have a library card, you can get a free NYT subscription.

Also - if you have an Amazon Prime account, get the Washington Post digital subscription free for 6 months. I signed up and set a reminder on my phone 5 1/2 months out in case I want to cancel, but as the child of a journalist, I'm finally ready to accept paying for quality reporting.
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If you register (free) on the NYT with Google or Facebook, you'll start getting emails from them, and one of them will be a reduced-cost trial. The one I'm on as of a few days ago is 29 cents a week. I signed up for the basic one, with additional subscriptions to cooking and morning update newsletters. I am very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the newsletters. They have definitely earned my business.

The cooking subsite on the NYT is more awesome than I realized btw – when you're a subscriber you get a "recipe box" to which you can save things with a single click.
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