How to move links from the home screen of Android to Chrome bookmarks?
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I have put a lot of links that I saw while browsing the web with Chrome on my Android phone and plan to read "one of these days" on my Home Screen. I have since started bunching them together, and now I have 20+ links on my Android Home Screen. Is there a way that I can easily move these into my Chrome mobile bookmarks? And/or is there a way that I can put them all together into an HTML file or something of the sort that I could export and access on desktop? Thanks.
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For that many links, I'd probably open each of them, and then just bookmark them in Chrome. If you have a Google account, and you're signed in to it on your phone and in Chrome on your computer, you can sync your bookmarks between the two.
posted by sagc at 10:07 PM on November 19, 2016

Have you thought about using a third-party "read later" service such as Instapaper or Pocket for this purpose?
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