How to read a single tumblr blog.
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Is there a way to read through a single tumblr blog on an iphone (ios 10) or less helpfully, a PC? It will take me weeks to read through since it is so big. bookmarking the "page" doesn't work since the blog updates frequently, so i lose my place.
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Add "/day/yyyy/mm/dd” (e.g. and you can go back day by day.
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Here's how I go through an entire tumblr: read it from the beginning. This is a LOT easier to do on a PC or on an internet browser because it's easier to maneuver the site than the app. Depending on the individual tumblr's layout, they may have a note at the bottom of the first page, "page 1 of 789" or whatever. Then go to, the very first entry, and just keep clicking the "next page" arrow. If there isn't a pagination display, mess around until you find the last page. Go to If it shows up blank, go down to page/450. Keep tweaking it until you find the first entry, then read the whole thing through.
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My nerd brain forced me to expand on the above post with a more efficient method.

>Go to If it shows up blank, go down to page/450.

Instead of 450, go to half of 500, i.e., page/250, then half again, page/125, 62, etc. until you find a page with content. Then, for example, finding content at page/125, first find half the difference between that page number (125) and the last one searched that showed blank (250): (250-125)/2=~62). Add it to the page with content, i.e. 125+62=187. Go to page/187. If 187 is blank, try 187/2, if not try ((250-187)/2)+187=218. Repeat as needed.
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The problem with using any navigation that depends on page # navigation is new posts are added to page 0 not page

So the posts on page say 200 keep changing as posts are added to page 0.

The monthly or daily archive pages are the only ones that are fixed. It's easy to navigate the monthly via the website on a PC.
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Create a second tumblr account with a different email address and follow just this one blog.
You can then read it using the main dashboard/timeline, once you get past the first page the URLs are bookmarkable and represent a point in time.
Then when you are all caught up you can switch to reading them on your main account along with everything else.
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