What game should I play next?
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I'm getting older and have a kid so less time to play computer games. However I just played the Witcher 3 and it was great. Best game I've played in a long time. So what next should I play?

In the last few years I've tried and didn't like Skyrim or Dragon Age 3. Dragon Age 1 and Mass Effect were okay. Dishonored and Last of Us were good (and looking forward to Dishonored 2), but I'm looking for my Witcher 3 successor.
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If you liked Dragon Age 1, Dragon Age Inquisition is pretty great. I think that will be about as close to Witcher 3 as you're going to get if you didn't like Skyrim!
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Yeah, what didn't you like about Dragon Age Inquisition? Because to my mind it's the natural answer and even better than the Witcher 3.
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I started playing both Witcher 3 and Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition) at the same time. I ended up playing D:OS(EE) exclusively.

It's quite a bit different than 3rd person rhythm fighting - it's real-time but converts to turn-based combat so it's a little more chess-ey than dance-dance-revolution-ey.

The sequel to D:OS(EE) is out so if you end up liking it, there's something natural to go onto.
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FWIW I think Witcher 3 is, from a design/writing/mechanics perspective, probably the best RPG ever made and you're not going to find much else as deeply satisfying. Especially if you're not a big Bioware fan. (And I say this as someone who respects the hell out of it even as its aesthetic is Not For Me.)

Have you bought and played all the DLC for it? Blood and Wine is practically a whole sequel on its own.
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Oh and Gwent is coming out as a standalone game, if you're interested. It's in beta testing now.
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Did you play through the Mass Effect trilogy? The games get better and better. I can understand why DA:I might have been a turnoff, the beginning is an unfortunate slog, but after that I find it equal to the original. If you don't mind the dated graphics, you could check out the old school RPGs: Baldur's Gate (2 is better than 1, but both are good), Planescape Torment, Fallout 1 & 2 and the newly made Pillars of Eternity.

But yeah, Witcher 3 is something special on it's own. I'm working my way through 2 and it's ok, but not nearly as good (and the controls are really wonky).

Barring that, you're in the same boat as me, waiting for Cyberpunk 2077.
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This is a longshot, but I liked witcher and dishonored as well, and am currently really enjoying playing cities skylines. Totally different genre but a super fun game that just lets you tinker with a great sim.
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The Witcher 3 is something of a singular achievement. It manages to pull-off the broad storytelling of isometric RPGs like Dragon Age Origins in the more flashy, cinematic style of Mass Effect and Last Of Us without feeling like a compromise. It's easy enough to recommend something from one school or the other, but something that touches on both (and works) is hard.

Maybe check out Alpha Protocol? It's a little niche, not a slam dunk that you'll love it based on what you said, but it's like $15 these days and it's a really interesting game.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. Seem like The Witcher 3 is something of a singular achievement and yes played all of the DLC. I'll wait for Cyberpuck 2077. I did pick up Pillars of Eternity to try.
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I'm playing Dragon Age Inquisition at the moment and loving the hell out of it, and Witcher 3 is up next - I suspect it is going to ruin all other RPGs for me for a long while.

The two best games I've played recently (apart from DA:I) on my new Xbox One have been Dying Light and Shadow of Mordor. They are both insanely good.

The Deus Ex games might be worth taking a look at, if you like that sort of thing. For shooters, the Metro games are both excellent and available in a remastered bundle.

Pillars of Eternity and Wasteland 2 are another pair of sprawling RPGs you might enjoy.

Also, The Witcher boardgame is pretty good, and can be easily solo'd!
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